Integrity and Consciousness is a Personal Journey, Not a Group Journey

Many people look to a group effort to achieve a standard of consciousness and integrity. However, ultimately, it comes down between you and the One that created you. This is the reality. If it was a group effort, there wouldn’t not be so many variations as to what is right and wrong. If it was a group consciousness…then there would not be so many variations as to how to follow a belief system.

Integrity and consciousness are based on spiritual journeys, which are individualized. Sure, there may be some SIMILARITIES, but only God, the Father of Creation, knows what is right and wrong as the Creator of all things. It does not matter whether one believes in Him or not. All things that exist, did not spontaneously appear out of thin air. They were CREATED from somewhere. Human logic is so flawed, that higher virtues such as Integrity and Consciousness can not come from the reasoning coming from a flawed human logic.

We, as human beings, were created to have the highest level of integrity and consciousness. However, once sin was introduced into humanity by Lucifer, who became Satan, then the integrity of humanity was compromised, which was evil’s plan from the very beginning. Once integrity has been compromised, then the purity of the soul gets compromised, and we roam further and further away from the original greatness, that God, the Father of Creation, created for his most prized Creations, Humanity, to be….Once the purity of humanity was tarnished, humanity was impure to have a direct connection with God. It was only those that sought Him out on their own, that they were found worthy to be in His Presence. Upon the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ of Nazareth that the direct connection was reestablished with Humanity, because of the purity of the blood that was offered as the Sacrifice on behalf of Humanity.

God does not force Himself upon us, as Satan does with his evil ways. God allows for us to use our freewill to choose Him and the Ways of His Kingdom or not. And He gives us this opportunity till our last breaths on this earth, within our human bodies. He has made it now a personal choice…and a personal journey…..

So how strong are you in your beliefs and faith? Will it reflect in the purity of your integrity and Consciousness? Jesus Christ of Nazareth upheld His Own Integrity and Consciousness at all costs, even if it meant death to His Earthly Body. And if the Son of God was not exempt from trials and tribulations, why would we think that we are exempt? To think that we have no consequence for the wrongs we commit for personal gain on this earth, is not coming from a pure source. A pure source saw that even the people who thought differently from Him, deserve a chance to seek and choose of their own freewill.

How strong is your faith these days? Do you depend on others to help you determine your integrity and consciousness? That will become your weakness….It is important to remain in tune with the Creator everyday, so that you can be strong, even when you are physically alone. God is in everywhere and in everything, however, has taken root only in those that follow the Divine Laws of His Kingdom, which are ways of Unconditional Love, Forgiveness, and Selfless and Sacrificial in their lives, to the point of giving up all earthly things to uphold his Divine Laws of Love, even it if means death to their earthly body to uphold them….THIS is what Jesus Christ of Nazareth showed Humanity. And the Holy Remnant that travel the narrow path, travelled by the minority, not the majority have understood this..

The Restrainer Will Lift His Shield of Protection

The Restrainer is the Holy Spirit. When He lifts His Shield of Protection from the Earth, this is when Evil will have its way to do whatever it wishes. However, those who have God’s Word within their hearts and souls will have the Holy Spirit rooted within them, that He will still lead and comfort such souls, despite their earthly circumstances. It is important that we understand the Cross and what it represents. What did Jesus Christ mean, “take up your cross and follow me”….? Only those that are a part of the Holy Remnant will understand this. It is more than merely practicing the laws of Moses and the Golden Rule…it is having Christ and Holy Spirit so deeply woven within your soul that you make evil hate your existence because it reminds it of what it could never have again…and that is to be found worthy to be in the Presence of the Holy Throne Room….a privilege to which Lucifer….Satan….lost, by violating God’s Divine Laws of Love. It is a soul to which illuminates the path it walks, to every living thing it encounters. In a Dark World, such as today, such souls will see things in the Heavenly sense, not in the earthly sense. This is what the Restrainer provides as discernment.

Evil is prospering in this day and age. Remember that….God says His Ways are not fo the world’s ways, but are beyond them. The way to God’s Holy Throne Room, is by the Jesus Christ of Nazareth had showed us, which were ways of Humbleness, devoid of the value of earthly riches, and unconditional love…a love that is devoid of the self, and sacrificial. Even the animals in the wild understand this…so how come humanity does not? Not sure, to be honest. Nonetheless, God gives everyone the chance to see….until their last breath on this earth. God’s people will be persecuted and hunted by Evil and its dominions, for the sake of hiding the truth, for this realization. However, God always has the final say. This is what Jesus Christ demonstrated on the Cross. Only the Holy Remanant could understand what Jesus Christ did on the Cross. This is why the path is narrow, and not wide to the Holy Throne Room of God, the Father of Creation. It is a path travelled by the minority, not the majority. So if you are going with the crowd in your beliefs, think again…Christ was a minority…not a part of the majority with God’s Divine Laws of Love.

The Holy Spirit in the last days will lead the minority, not the majority. This minority will be lights in this world. They will be devoid of anything earthly. Will not hold any earthly ranks. And will know others that are within the Spirit, once encountered by them. Their conduct will be in accordance to the Divine Laws of Love, which will be uniform to each other. It will not stray away or having any deviations. They will also have the same focus, and heart. No survival of the fittest philosophy. But only ways of Truth.

How strong is your faith these days? Will you be like Jesus Christ and uphold GOd’s Divine Laws of Love, at all costs? Even if it means, death to the human body?

The Spiritual Battle of the Holy Remnant, God’s Holy Priesthood

The Spiritual Battle of the Holy Remnant, God’s Holy Priesthood

As the end of time grow nearer, remember that the God’s Protection, that has been over the earth, will slowly be lifted. The very protection that we all take for granted, everyday, on this earth. And evil will be given free passage on the earth to do whatever it pleases….because the Restrainer….the Comforter…will be lifted. Satan and his demons will then be able to have their way with the earth.

We must remember that Satan’s attacks of evil will not be aimed at those to whom he has already claimed for his kingdom. He will charge his demonic gangs and their attacks against those who belong to the One he hates….God, the Father of Creation. Remember, Jesus Christ of Nazareth has said, ” Remember they hated me, before they hated you….” He also said, “Remember, they persecuted me, therefore they will persecute you”. If the Son of God, was not exempt from evil’s trials and tribulations, then what makes us any better from the Son of God, to be exempt from evil’s trials? We must always remember this with each trial we face. If our Lord Jesus Christ had to go through this, then what makes us think that we will be problem free? Trouble fee?

Those that are prosperous in this world, in the earthly sense, have chosen to break God’s Divine Laws of Love, which was demonstrated, by way of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, which are ways of selflessness, sacrificial and unconditional love. They chose to be selfish, and conditional in their loving. Instead of being like the doves that represent the Holy Spirit, they chose to de-evolve to the ways of the animals in the wild, with the Survival of the Fittest Philosophy, which is far from the original greatness, to which God, the Father of Creation created for us to be, as His Holy Priesthood, members of His Royal Courts. As in the Book Romans states, we have the Armor of God to uphold, and that our battle is not carnal means, but against principalities in the spiritual realm. Satan already knows who belongs to him, and how to entice them to remain with him, and his eternal kingdom of damnation, without the presence of God, the Father of Creation. What people do not realize is that their earthly prosperity was obtained by a means of rebelling against God’s Divine Laws of Love, within the Presence of the Restrainer. They rebelled in the presence of the Holy Spirit. They never knew a life without the presence of the Restrainer, and that is what they are destined for, when they continue to follow Satan and his ways. Some have even willingly sold their souls to him, for the sake of becoming rulers and having earthly riches, of this world. When it wasn’t theirs to sell to begin with. For the soul that God has given and molded for you….some people saw no value in that. Some saw the value, after their time was up on this earth…and even some, who never saw any value of it at all when their time was up.

On the other hand, those that have truly found the meaning of the Life, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, know that the things of this world mean nothing, in comparison to living a life without the presence of the Holy Spirit. They live by faith, and not by sight. Satan knows what it means to have a life without the Presence of God, the Father of Creation, and he knows how miserable it will be. He wants to take as many as he can, to the same place where he is destined for, due to violating God’s Divine Laws of Love.

What people also forget that God’s Holy Remnant is always bound by the Divine Laws of Love in their heart and, most importantly, within their souls. Therefore, they can not violate the Divine Laws of Love…because their souls are rooted in the Holy Spirit. Those who are not rooted, will not have any problems in violating the Divine Laws of Love, for earthly gain in any shape or form. These are the souls to which Satan and his dominions have access to, to do evil’s work. Such souls that despite all of the earthly riches obtained, will never be fulfilled due to forfeiting the presence of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Such lives will have their idle minds as the “devil workshop”; and loneliness beyond the despair. Soul that are anchored in the Holy Spirit will know of the presence of the Omnipresent God, the Father of Creation, and understand the investment that Jesus Christ of Nazareth made in Humanity; and also know what investment is needed to be alongside walking the same path as Jesus Christ of Nazareth, as the Son of God did.

We are in a spiritual battle, my fellow brothers and sisters. We must continue the spiritual battle, in our prayer closets, and uphold God’s Divine Laws of Love at all costs, just as Jesus Christ of Nazareth showed us, even if it means death to the earthly body….just as Jesus Christ of Nazareth showed us. Keep on praying and staying strong in Christ. Because it is not by our own strength we fight…but through he strength that which God, the Father of Creation gives all of His Holy Priesthood. A spiritual war needs spiritual strength, not human strength, and if we seek faithfully, we will find it.

Shepard of My Soul….I Give You Full Control

Evil Can Only Imitate Good; Divinity Creates Goodness

So that Mankind can be freed/unshackled from evil… John 8:32

When a soul is rooted in the Divinity’s Holy Spirit, we see that truth in the purity of such a soul and spirit. It is through this purity that both good and evil can not resist, for different reason. If a soul is anchored and guided by Divinity, and the Divine Laws of Love of God, the Father of Creation’s Eternal Kingdom, it is being attracted to like forces. In the case of evil, it is attracted because such a soul wants what it could never possess again, and will try to steal it. Another reason is that it knows the source of such purity, to which, again, it knows that it could never be of again.

Those that are bound to the path of the Eternal Kingdom should understand that based on Holy Scripture we should be prepared to take up our Crosses, and to walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. This is what He had said. The beauty of Jesus Christ of Nazareth’s Life Story is that which shows us the extent of the unconditional love to which God, the Father of Creation showed us, as His Most Prized Creations, Humanity. This is what Evil can not stand about Humanity, and more so, those that it was not able to deceive off of the path to returning back to God, the Father of Creation. Jesus Christ, as His Son, came to live amongst Humanity, to live amongst us…to show us that God, the Father understands what we go through, and the struggles we face, when we battle our sinful human nature, while we roam this earth. Through the life of His Son Jesus Christ, God, the Father of Creation showed us how much He values the things of this world. In fact He showed us that the things of value on this earth, have NO VALUE TO HIM. This is where the Holy Scripture of “Those that are first will be last; and those that are last, will be first into the Kingdom of Heaven.”. Things considered of nobility on this earth, in the form of earthly riches and titles mean NOTHING in the Eyes of God, the Father of Creation. This is why Jesus Christ lived as a Carpenter’s Son, as a Carpenter Himself, born of an unwed, underaged mother. He even lived as a nomad, with little food and clothing. Nothing of His Own to Own, in the earthly sense. This is where in the Holy Scriptures, Jesus Christ states, that we can not take anything of this earth with us into Heaven. He was convicted of a crime He did not commit, and was given the death sentence of a criminal for a crime He did not commit. But what made Him GOD….the Son of God, is that He was able to resurrect back to the Eternal Kingdom of God.

We must remember that Evil can mimick or imitate goodness, but for a soul rooted in Divinity, and guided by the Holy Spirit, the imitation will not deceive this soul. When a soul is inspired by Divinity, the beauty and purity of it, not only thrives, and sustains, but it is convicted by the Divine Laws of Love, which are ways of Nonviolence, Unconditional Love, and Mercy. At the same time, the Holy Spirit guides such souls to the Eternal Divine Wisdom of God, the Father of Creation, in accordance to the Divine Laws of Love. If your soul is guided by the Divinity of the Holy Spirit, then you will begin to see the things of this world, the way the Jesus Christ…and more importantly, God, the Father of Creation sees them. God, the Father of Creation, CREATES the purity and goodness that we see in the world. It is only demonstrated by the minority, not the majority. A soul rooted in Divinity knows that like Jesus Christ, we would need to take up our Crosses and walk with Him, and live by His Teachings, as a part of our daily lives. We must always remember that God is always in control. We have to truly…with our whole heart believe in that, despite what we are going through. Grow stronger in your faith, my brothers and sisters, so that the Holy Spirit can guide you out of the imitations and deceptions…to help you discern the deception. God bless, and continue to become stronger in your convictions for the Creator.

Earthly Knowledge Does Not Equal Childlike Faith

I have often wondered, “Why didn’t God, the Father of Creation wanted for Adam and Eve to eat from the Tree of Knowledge?” As life continues, and I come in contact with people from all different walks of life, and various degrees of “enlightenment”, and knowledge based, I see more and more what God meant, to have a “childlike faith“.

If you look at a child, do they have COMPLETE KNOWLEDGE of the things that they do or believe in? NO. Does a child have conviction for what is right or wrong? YES. God puts His Ideal of faith, to that of a child. The innocence….the conviction….the niavete to worldly things……this shows how much a child has not conformed to the world’s ways, and has conformed to what their connection with the Creator has established with them, prior to be exposed to the world and its ways.

It occurred to me, as I sat down with my morning coffee, and spending my Quiet TIme with God, the Father of Creation…this is what He meant by having a childlike faith. World’s achievements of gaining knowledge mean nothing to God, the Father of Creation. He many create paths for you to obtain it. He wants to see what we do within what was given to us, to see if we still abide by His Divine Laws of Love, which are ways of Nonviolence, Unconditional Love, and Mercy. A child knows no other way to live, but through and by the truth that they were born with, through the soul that they were born with. God talks to a pure soul, like a child, which has not been tarnished or jaded by the ways of this world. And He wants us to continue to have this, even when we do go through our earthly lives, except with us using our freewill to choose as we walk through this earth with our earthly lives.

Eternal Divine Enlightenment comes from God, the Father of Creation. Such enlightenment is so pure, that even evil can not stand in the presence of its purity. In fact, it gets uncomfortable to sit in its purity. Children walk by faith, and not by earthly sights and sounds. Children follow what is put deep within them, which is so pure, that is what we see as the innocence and the niavete that we admire.

So, to claim to have so much earthly knowledge are not the ways of the Eternal Divine Kingdom of God, the Father of Creation, but from another source that is against God’s Kingdom. For God (Jehovah, Yahweh, Devum) instructed us, as well as showed us through the various Prophets and Disciples that walked before us, coming from all different walks of life, to do His Work on this Earth, including the Life Example that His Son, Jesus Christ (Yeshuay, Yeshu Christu, Yeshua), we are walk by faith and not ruled by the ways of this world.

We can have earthly knowledge revealed to us through our childlike faith. These are the innovators, that we see on this earth. We must always put GOD first, and everything else will fall into place, while still conforming to God, the Father of Creation’s Divine Laws of Love. Continue to seek my brothers and sisters, and we will see God’s Glory.

The Importance of Forgiveness

Many people talk about forgiveness. Many want to be a recipient of it, whether they want to put in the work in for it or not, is a different story. Today, it is a matter of “feeling good” and not for “doing what is right“. We even hear that there is no need to forgive, to justify further violence to be perpetuated, in order to practice “eye for an eye”, and to get revenge and wrath for the wrong committed to oneself.

We must remember, in order to be considered as “enlightened” by Divinity, we must remember the Divine Laws of Love, which are ways of Unconditional Love, Nonviolence, and Mercy. People often forget that in forgiveness, we must REPENT, FORGIVE, and FORGET. Repentance to the party you have wronged is a vital part of this….why? Because this detaches the parties involved from committing 2 of the 7 deadly sins of:

Because this allows for the sins of PRIDE and WRATH to be committed. Repentence to God, the Father of Creation allows for these to be set aside, and for true humility and humbleness to be brought to a person, out of recognizing the violations committed to the Divine Laws of Love, set forth by God the Father of Creation. Forgiveness has been written in today’s language as it being an individualized act. When in fact it is a partnership between the wrongdoer, and the one that was wronged.

Evil has justified this by perpetuating “eye for eye” to keep people in committing the deadly sin of Wrath. Evil has justified lack of repentence for a wrong committed by perpetuation of the deadly sin of Pride. If we look at the following Scripture, it states what we should do, if we have wronged someone:

It is here in Scripture, in the Gospel of Matthew. Evil will also try to oppress God’s People by saying that if we don’t “Forgive and Forget”, that we, as God’s People are the “evil ones”. Remember, we have Scripture that tells us why we have to repent and make things right with each other.

At the same time, the person who was wronged, needs to forgive, for the same reason of avoiding committing the same deadly sins of Pride and Wrath. Evil can take root through the 7 deadly sins. This is why we have to avoid them at all costs. Just like God, the Father of Creation, gives us the freewill to choose to seek Him and the ways of His Eternal Kingdom, we also have the freewill to choose to fall to evil and its ways, where doorways and gateways are opened to it by the seven deadly sins.

By nature we have a sinful human nature. Jesus Christ reestablished the direct connection humanity had with God, the Father of Creation, to which Satan tried to destroy by introducing sin into the human nature, in the Garden of Eden. How did Jesus Christ reestablish this direct connection? Through His Death on the Cross at Calvary, followed by His Resurrection. However, God, still gives us the freewill to choose His ways which leads to a narrow path to the Eternal Kingdom, or evil’s ways, which is a wider path to Hell. Our lives and what we do within them while we roam on this earth, is the struggle between our sinful human nature, and this connection with God, the Father of Creation.

So you see, by denying repentance, you are denying God, the Father of Creation, as your Father. At the same time, those that do repent, have chosen with their freewill to choose to denying the sinful human nature, and taking one step further on to the narrow path to the Eternal Kingdom, and following the Divine Laws of Love.

As brothers and sisters of Humanity, as brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, it is our duty to repent and make the wrongs we committed to others, right.

Remember, we must continue to follow God’s Divine Laws of Love. We must continue to listen to the heedings of the Holy Spirit, to guide us through all the deception. REPENT, FORGIVE, and FORGET, my brothers and sisters. If we want our slates clean in front of God, the Father of Creation, we must also show Our Father, that we can do the same with each other, as His Children.

Pains of Humanity: Jesus Christ Showed Us that 2 Wrongs Do Not Make a Right

As we note throughout the history of Humanity, we see that we, as human beings, have caused a lot of pain towards each other. This all began with the sins committed in the Garden of Eden, when Satan introduced sin in this paradise, to Adam and Eve, and perpetuated it through their offspring. This was done in order to destroy the direct connection that God, the Father of Creation, had with Humanity, His Most Prized Creation.

Sin continued to be perpetuated with Adam and Eve’s Children. However, those that fought the sinful human nature, had found favor with God, the Father of Creation, as noted through the many Prophets that walked before us, that conformed to the Divine Laws of Love, and not the ways of this world, to which God, the Father of Creation, states that the Ways of His Eternal Kingdom, are not a part of. We saw it with Job, Lot, Abraham, Issac, Enoch, Noah, David, Solomon, Disciples of Jesus Christ, John the Baptist, and even Jesus Christ (Yeshuay, Yeshu Christu, Yeshua) Himself (though with exception in that He being the Son of God), etc. Jesus Christ demonstrated through His Parables of the the “Sower of the Seeds”, and weeds being amongst the wheat, that God gives all members of humanity the chance to use our Freewill, to make the choice to choose to seek and find God, the Father, and reestablish the direct connection between Humanity and its Creator, God, the Father. This is what Jesus Christ of Nazareth established on the Cross, at Calvary, and eventually in His Resurrection.

We all will go through trials and pain, while we roam this earth. Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, states, “That if they persecuted me, they will persecute you….” If the Son of God, who has all of the authority in this Universe, to rid Himself of trials, He chose to endure, for the sake of fulfilling the Purpose that God, the Father of Creation, gave to Him. We too must remember this. That despite what we go through on this earth, we are to choose not to perpetuate the sinful human nature, by when we are wronged, we do not wrong those that wronged us back. Though the OLD TESTAMENT LAW states, “Eye for an eye….”, JESUS CHRIST in the NEW TESTAMENT states, that He came to say that we are to “Turn the other cheek, and NOT to practice eye for an eye….”. This is what separates Divinity, and those a part of the Holy Remnant, that are destined to be in the Book of Life, and enter God’s Eternal Kingdom. God, went to the extent of making the Life, Death, and Resurrection of His Son, as the Life Example as to how those that are destined to reunite with Him, should lead their lives. It is far easier to give into the sinful human nature, than to go against its grain, and go through the Refiner’s Fire, to REFINE OURSELVES of it. To purify our souls and hearts of this sinful human nature.

We are to break the chain of falling prey to the sinful human nature. It is not an easy task. However, God is so loving that He understands this of us. All He asks is for us to recognize the sinful human nature and its ways, and to change from them, or at least attempt to change from them. There is no such thing as, “Love me as I am. I do not need to change.” If your ways violate the Divine Laws of Love, which are ways of Nonviolence, Unconditional Love, and Mercy….YES….YES YOU DO NEED TO CHANGE.

Just think…by doing this, you may be the one that is breaking a generational curse in your family. By doing this, you may be saving another person, and bringing them onto the Path to the Eternal Kingdom, if they are faithfully seeking for the same thing you are….and that is God, the Father of Creation. By doing this, and not repeating the pain that was inflicted onto you, onto others, you may be showing kindness to a person that never knew of it. By doing this, you may be showing unconditional love to someone that never knew what it was.

I have often heard of the saying, “If I went through it, you also have to go through it.” This is usually said in circumstances where when someone is complaining about some injustice, or some pain inflicted onto them. This statement in itself shows the intent of violence in it. It shows a lack of compassion, and even showing the intent of perpetuating this violence, which is a violation of God’s Divine Laws of Love. True pain is pain. And we are to be compassionate towards one another for anyone in pain. However, it does not justify pain to be perpetuated, due to being in pain.

Those who have the Holy Spirit rooted within their soul, have seen the light in this. Remember, Jesus Christ as the Son of God, had come to REWRITE THE OLD TESTAMENT LAW of “Eye for an eye” –> “Turn the Other Cheek”. Pain is pain, but in the Eyes of God, He will only overlook it to a certain extent. We have the freewill to look at our pain in 2 ways:

  1. To remember how we felt, and remember the pain, so that we would not desire for others to feel that same pain we felt.
  2. To remember that pain, and believing that if you had to go through it, then it’s okay if others go through it as well, or it is ok to inflict the same pain onto others.

Just by seeing the intent of both, we can see that one is in accordance to the Divine Laws of Love, exemplified through Yeshu Christu, and how He led His Earthly life. The Divine Laws of Love are ways of NONVIOLENCE, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, and MERCY. So……

  1. If you only love those that love you back… are violating the Divine Laws of Love. Just look at children…..
  2. If you practice “eye for an eye”….you are violating the Divine Laws of Love. Just look at children….
  3. If you can not pray for those that wronged you….you are violating the Divine Laws of Love. Just look at the children…

Remember we are not entitled to anything on this earth. Yet, God, the Father of Creation, sets forth our worth. Pain is pain. However, perpetuating it through the above theories is a violation of God’s Divine Laws of Love, which can keep us from reconnecting with Him.

Prayer Warriors: Time to Strengthen Your Faith

Prayer Warriors, it is time to take on your call. With the things that currently happening in the world today, it is particularly important now that the Prayer Warriors pray for themselves, for their families, and all other loved ones in their lives. It is time to prayer over your homes, and to get them in order. This has been something that the Lord, Yeshu Christu, and Abba Father has been telling me for the past 1 year.

In this time, God, wanted to see where we were in our relationship with Him, I feel. Where we did not have the direct distractions of the world, other than what was within our quarantined lives, and He wanted to see where humanity stood, in regards to Him, and what they had understood from His Son’s Life Example, and Death on the Cross. This has been very much laid on my heart, especially within the last few weeks. Is your house in order, Prayer Warriors? If not, this is the time to start getting them ready.

God, Abba, has given all of us a purpose as we roam this earth. Once we have our houses in order, we will surely know what our purpose is. Do not get discouraged if you feel that you fell off the path. God knows that we are imperfect. What separates those that belong to His Holy Remanant and those that belong to the wider path, is the fact that we swallow our pride and listen for what the Holy Spirit guides for us to do, in order to stand before the Pure Perfection of God, the Father of Creation.

Prayer Warriors: It is time to sharpen your tools, that make you the prayer warriors that you are for God’s Eternal Paradise. It is time to get stronger in the Word of God, and to go through the Refiner’s Fire, to purify our hearts. It is not an easy task; Abba knows this. However, we do not do it by our strength, but by that which He, Himself, gives to us. We must rediscover the power of the Blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the very blood that He shed on the Cross at Calvary for the sake of becoming the ultimate Sacrificial Lamb, that was offered at the Alter of the Most High Court in God’s Throne, for the sake of absolving the sins of Humanity, one final time. Now it is up to us, to see the power in that one act, and to believe wholeheartedly in it.

Prayer warriors, remember that you pray for the sake of protection from evil, and for a soul to remain on the path to the Eternal Kingdom. As human beings, it is so easy for us to fall for what we see, hear, smell, taste, and touch with our human senses. However, God asks of His Holy Remanant that we must see beyond these things, because these are things Satan can use to manipulate us for his agenda, in taking us away from the Eternal Kingdom of God, the Father of Creation.

It is time to get our houses in order. To get our spiritual walk in order. It is time to grow stronger in our faith, and to gain knowledge from the Word of God, to which He will engrain such knowledge that He reveals to us through our studying and reading, in our souls, hearts, and minds. I remember a friend telling me that she had an anxiousness about what is to come. It is natural to be scared of the unknown. However, we do not rely on our own strength, but put our trust in God, the Father of Creation, of knowing what is right for us and future with Him.

Inevitable Reality

As human beings we like to compartmentalize things. Sometimes life allows for us to do this. Other times, it does not permit that. Whether it be to avoid troublesome situations, or rewriting our own history, or even developing a mental block from it, truth has a way of resurfacing. This demonstrates that God is in everywhere and in everything, and the Truth that He stands for, will not be held down by earthly or human measures.

Inevitable reality. The inevitable reality is that humanity sinned, with the help of evil, when it was first created in the Garden of Eden, where Satan introduced it to them in God’s Paradise. Many would like to believe solely in the loving God, the Father of Creation. However, is this unconditional love, of the all knowing Father? God, sees everything done in secret and in the open. But all He requires is for us to repent, and acknowledging the sin we committed, which violated His Divine Laws of Love, which are ways of Unconditional Love, Nonviolence, and Mercy, coexisting simultaneously in one person. This is what God, Abba, Yahweh, has always asked of us, all this time. And to not fall permanently prey to Evil’s Ways.

Inevitable reality. Evil has fractionated God’s Truth so much, as it is hard for just anyone to identify what is God’s Truth, and Satan’s Deception. This is where the intervention of the Holy Spirit comes in. The Holy Spirit enters the souls of those to which it has found pure and worthy ground for Him to dwell. It is a gift OFFERED to all, however, it is not a gift GIVEN to all. The Holy Spirit, will take root in those that were found worthy, and will help to discern even slightest of differences caused by evil, that can allow for permanent derailing off of the path to the Eternal Paradise. What we must remember is that Satan and his demons do not worry about those that he already has in his pocket. To be bound to the ways to this world, which includes showing value and importance to the ways of this world in titles, riches, objects, and earthly logic to the point of depending on them for one’s own existence, Satan already has you. If you know you need a certain amount of earthly things to live, and do not allow for them to be the reason of your existence, then you do not belong to Satan. This is the difference. As Jesus Christ said, “The love of money is the root of all evil.”. This love is not simply an obsession, it is a constant focus. It is a constant thought of not having enough for security. It is a thought of saving it only for yourself, eventhough you see a fellow brother/sister in need of some just for basic things. These all demonstrate a covetting of it, or love for it. Especially today, with the pandemic, how many people are starving? How many people are without homes? While we have full bellies, and homes to keep ourselves warm? I think we all are guilty of things. God was aware of the imperfections of Humanity, which is why He sent His Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, to die on the Cross, to become the final sacrificial lamb to be sacrificed for the atonement of Mankind’s Violations of God’s Divine Laws of Love. Since Jesus Christ’s Resurrection, it is now up to humanity to use their freewill to choose whether to seek God and His Divine Laws of Love or not, which consist of ways that are selfless, unconditionally loving, and merciful. Though evil and those bound to the ways of this world may see such things as weak or soft, it takes a great amount of strength to exhibit such things due to human nature being violent in nature, once Satan introduced sin in the Garden of Eden.

Inevitable reality. And because this is not an easy task, many will not find the Eternal paradise. Many will chose the easier road to walk on, which are those that are bound to evil and its ways. The path to the Eternal Paradise requires for us to travel a road that is travelled by the minority, not the majority. It will require earthly sacrifice, to uphold God’s Divine Laws of Love. It is a road travelled by the spiritually strong, and the not the spiritually weak. It is a road of constant repentance for the impurity of human nature, so that we can be made worthy to enter into the presence of a pure Abba, Father of Creation. It requires a humbleness and humility that is undeniable even to evil, to the point that those that are possessed by evil hate such a being, due to reminding them of how far away they are from the path to the Eternal Paradise, by just being in the presence of such a soul. In facts it gets them so angry that they want to banish any memory of them.

Inevitable reality. Because of how much evil wants to forget what it could never have again which is to be in the very Throne Room of God, the Father of Creation, Satan and his demons want to throw everything they could to throw such people off the path to God’s Eternal Paradise. Those that are a part of the Holy Remanant or the Holy Priesthood of God’s the Father of Creation’s Heavenly Troops, to which Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the Captain. Just as Jesus showed us through His Life, Death, and Resurrection, we too much go through the trials. We must also go through the persecution. We too, must go through the rejection of this world. This is what happened to all of His Disciples. If the Son of God was not exempt from such things, what makes you any better than He, to be exempt from them? If your life is easy going, without any struggles to the point of the risk in hurting your soul…that means you are not threatening the Evil Kingdom, but are a member of it. Through the Life Example of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, we are to be kind and soft, yet, sure in righteous for the Kingdom of God that we represent.