A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

In Moments of Persecution


In moments of persecution, what must we do?

We must remain steadfast within our beliefs and faith in God, in order to be guided by the truth.

Sometimes what is seen and heard, can conflict with the conscience that was given to us;

Which will make our souls to battle between truth and deception…can cause quite a fuss.



When we face moments of trouble, we remember to stay;

In line with God’s Laws, which can ot be understood by the ley.

For faith is a gift, which can not be studied or learned by even the intellectual of minds;

Because the knowledge gained from the faithful, comes from a Divine Source, not attainable by any impurity of any kinds.



The source of evil lurks around every corner, every wall;

So that it can steer you away from your path to God, hinder you in your godly call.

We were all created to be humble servants to Him;

however, as the days go by, darkness casts a shadow on this Earth…making it more grim.



We must repent our faults everyday to our Creator…to cleanse ourselves from the world and its ways;

So that all the evil within us, leaves us, and with the evil one, stays.

As we go through a “refiner’s fire”, our souls become refined and pure;

Showing and revealing those of us worthy enough to enter the gates of Paradise, and of all our earthly tortures, for eternity, bring a cure.



That’s why in moments of persecution, we must resist our human human nature, and abide by God’s laws;

So that when we stand before Our Savior, we will come to Him with minimum flaws.

If our Redeemer, Himself, was not exempt from trials and worries…

Unjustly convicted of a crime, without even fair juries…

Instead to give us Salvation, He tolerated the jealousies of man and their furries.



Like Him we should take relief that we know the difference between the truth and earthly ways;

So when persecuted by earthly manners, we allow our hearts and minds, at God’s Feet to lay.

The earthly torture we face will be in no comparison to that of those who torture will face…

For theirs will be so horrible that they will be destroyed by Jesus Christ…without a trace.



Hence stay steadfast in faith in the Unseen, and truth that is felt;

God always takes care of His faithful ones…those who wrong them for abiding in His Laws, they will be personally dealt.

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