A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.




Why is it so hard for some to distinguish between what is right and wrong?

Could it be because it is the materialism of this world, for which they long?

Or is it because the bitterness of their life experiences, drives their life, a force so strong.



God has clearly defined the difference between the two;

But the evil ruling this world has muddied the waters, making things askew.

Things such as pride, preventing wrong things done to be made right;

It even prevent the truth from coming into sight.

Vengeance and wrath are now justified with undealt pain;

Senseless murder, under manmade laws, allow people to walk away with their victims’ blood on their hands a stain.



People have justified the wrongs that they do is for the purpose of surviving in this world;

Taking God’s Words and making their meanings all twisted and twirled.

Those who sincerely seek for God’s Truth in all that they do;

Are being suffocated and killed to be silenced of spreading God’s Words…of all things that are true.



Due to the fear of any suffering, many go off God’s Path and losetheir way;

And never come back to find things that are right and true, forever going astray;

Finding it very hard for those who stay on God’s path, to profess all that God wants to say;

Trying to make them conform to the evil rampaging in this world…keeping God’s ways at bay.



We must never lose sight;

For the enemy will try with all of his might;

To distract all those who see the truth in God’s ways…and are willing, for them, to fight.

In life we must choose what is worth living for;

Despite the difficulty that one has to endure;

Following His Righteous Path without suffering was not a guarantee for sure;

But all the suffering along with the seeking of His Truth, will have Eternal Life, in store.

Always seek for all that is right, not wrong;

Make sure to stay focused in God’s Ways, and always for Truth to long. 


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