A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.



With the dawn of each day;

I look out into the sky and pray.

Thanking God for the beauty of the sky;

Which often from the break of dawn…

Breaks me down to cry.

The warmth of the sun;

Often makes my thoughts to run.



As the leaves of the trees dance in the wind;

I close my eyes and wait for God’s same drum to make my soul to dance.

When this happens, I release all of that very day;

All to God’s Feet, I lay.



In all of my saddness;

In all of my maddness…

As my fears,

Turn into tears…

God whispers into my ears;

For me to hear…

“I walk beside you;

Why are you so blue?”



Human nature seems to always get in the way;

For God’s Will to come as it may.

I ask, “Where are You, and why me?”

At times, it is very hard for me to see…

What God has meant for me, to be.



With each day,

As God Whispers in my ear;

I will continuously attempt to hear;

For the path of LIfe, for me, God will steer.


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