A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.


Many may claim themselves as being compassionate and kind;

Sure we may help a family member or a friend, but what about for a stranger we witness being in a bind?

Did you stop at only stopping to notice a fellow human being in trouble…?

And then walking away, locking the memory away in a bubble…

Till it flies away to another destination and pops in front of another person, to only be ignored…times double.



As God’s Creations, we were meant to guard one another;

To live in perfect harmony abiding in God’s Love, not of each other…smother.

For God’s Love is unconditional and pure;

It’s sincerity can be felt within the depths of one’s soul, never forgotten…a thing that is sure.

Compassion is show without any ulterior agendas, or with any expectations in return;

Such acts are inspired by one’s capacity to love, recognizing Our Savior’s Life Example, so clear and stern…

As to the extents we should go to abide in Our Father’s Laws, so that in hell we will not burn.



No earthly riches can compare to the riches that are promised in the Paradise that Christ promised us;

That will last for eternity in hapiness, as opposed to the moments worth of happiness in the earthly riches that are obtained with such a fuss.

We are continuously shown mercy, time and time again;

But we continuously take advantage of this mercy, and insist on continuously walking into the lust and gluttony of satan’s den.



Therefore we must stay focused on the ways that are commanded from Up Above;

Which are ways of joy, peace, and compassion and love.

The world around you will not only see and hear your action, but feel the TRUTH of how God inspired Christ and you;

Spreading this completely fulfilling “peace of mind”…that can make one filled with great joy and feel new.



Compassion has the power to heal, to renew, and even change hearts;

Where if we do it enough there will be true transformations, compassionate actions is where it starts.

Whenever, ever possible, you get the chance to show love to your fellow man;

For the reward in God is greater than what is imagineable, to achieve His Favor do all that you can.


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  1. Thank you for your sharing.

    August 1, 2010 at 9:32 am

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