A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Seeking One’s Call

Each day I am in total anguish over whether God is pleased with me;

If I shame Him, I beg to Him forgiveness and for the purest intention of my heart to see.

I know that I am far from the perfection that He seeks;

Hoping that with each new day, within my path, I reach new peaks.

My heart aches seeing all of the evil that is lurking;

Within this beautiful world instead of love… greed, anger, and lust has the enemy smirking.

Sometimes I wish that all would not hurt so much;

Hearing someone’s cry, sensing someone’s saddness are things as such;

Like a sword running through my heart;

With each person I encounter, I wish I didn’t need to part;

Until I know for sure that their pain from within is gone, of them depart.

I agonize over why this gift was to me, given;

And for what it is that God wants of me, with this life and gift with, to be driven?

All I know for sure…

Is that my gift to feel others pain is from God, so pure…

Each day I ask Him what is meant for my life;

I would do anything to do God’s Work…despite all of the strife.

Is it through my writing, or is it through my speech…

To my family, I no longer want to be a leech.

For God is the only one that can set me free;

Of all of this anguish and pain within me…

I am just so tired;

And only want to be the tool/instrument to whom I have always admired.

God, I beg You to set me free of this pain;

To be able to use this gift, at my feet that You have lain.

To show all of Your Existence in this world;

To convince others of the enemy, out of their lives, would be hurled.

So many people are being misguided in the world today;

We must all use our gifts, and do our part to untangle others from evil and its way.


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