A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Lack of Fundamentals Today….

I am actually a firm believer in science and of faith. In fact, it is Sir Issac Newton that ultimately said that, “In the end of times, we will finally realize that science and faith will become one.”  I believe that even science could explain the existence of God. 

Sir Newton

However, what troubles me today is the idea that the fundamentals to anything are disappearing.  And as a result, there is a mass confusion occurring, from smaller to larger scale things.  To any principle in life, there are a set of fundamentals.  Take any discipline…from physics to math….from medicine to chemistry.  Even languages have an alphabet and Phonics to learn as basics to speak; grammar for writing.  Music has cords, scales, tones….Religions establish the fundamentals as to how to live life…
The moment that one tries to reestablish/remind of fundamentals, it is said that they are passing “judgement’.  A set of fundamentals are always needed.  True intelligence or use of God’s Enlightenment is being able to extrapolate knowledge, by keeping intact the integrity of these fundamentals.  We must not only be open in recieving and listening to fundamentals in other principles, but also find the similarities, as well as  recognizing and respecting the differences, is doing the Will of God.  What is the difference between someone saying that one is passing judgement on another, by simply stating their belief; VS. someone who refuses to listen to a belief that is different of their own, and saying that they are wrong?  To me, it is one in the same.  And this is how EVIL decieves us from the truth…by causing CONFUSION and AMBIGUITY; and even instilling FEAR for the sake of not “offending” someone based on a TRUTH that is felt.  Manipulating the fundamentals and distorting them.  TRUTH is absolute.  True we are not allowed to pass judgement for we are imperfect.  But TRUTH felt and lived by, is all translated in the same manner, no matter what walk of life we come from.  That has been proven over and over and over again in the history of Man; in the history of all of God’s Creations.
All people that I have studied as to dedicating a life in seeking the “Enlightenment of God” translated a way of life that is similar, if not the same.  A heart that is meek and mild; devoid of materialism and wrath; constant self refinement, and an unwaivering faith in God.  Yes, we should be humble in the eyes of God; but does anyone really know what that means?  We can always study and study and study for a truth…TRUTH is something that can not be intellectualized…but to actively listen for, awaiting for God’s Enlightenment. 
I will say that there are things right and wrong in life.  And God has clearly demarcated what it is in all relgions, which is anything violating God’s Laws.  And anything violating God’s Laws,causing harm to God’s Creations is wrong.  It is this confusion that needs to be fixed within the people of today.  People are unsure…they no longer know for sure what to believe in and work towards.  CONFUSION is the weapon of evil; when there is a TRUTH it is absolute and a certainty.

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