A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

The Blue Majesty Above


As a child I would lie in the grass and look up in the sky;

And watched the clouds changing shapes, and quietly passing me by.

Within these clouds I saw elephants, butterflies, even my best friends Big Bird and Winnie Pooh were frolicking around;

I even imagined myself hopping from one cloud to another…Heaven bound.



Till this day the sky mesmerizes me;

The blue of the sky makes me so breathless from its beauty…so painfully beautiful to see.

Just looking at the sky, I can get lost as if there is no end;

During the day it only reminds me of how God provided this beautiful canvas as a home for all the creatures that fly;

It just amazes me of how God’s Wisdom is in everything, that it makes me out of joy …cry.



Like as a child I would jump on my parents’ bed;

Till this day I would daydream bouncing up and down on the clouds of the sky, and getting spiritually fed.

Then I dream of the night skies filled with glittering stars;

Which often reminded me of the lightening bugs my brother and I would catch in jars.

I would take in the night air with a deep breath and sigh;

That I would stare and stare, giving me such a high.



God created such things to remind us of His Wisdom and Presence;

But as humans, we still refuse to recognize God’s Greatness even when the birds greet us each morning as the sky’s tenants.

The sky reminds me of an endless abyss;

That goes on and on forever, we can never of it miss.



Til this day my eyes dance;

When I see the majesty of the blue Kingdom above me, where the birds play and prance.

Twinkling stars and the light of a full moon in the night of the sky…

Have many of times lit a dark path, permitting me and my friend to pass by.



It has made me so happy, and at times very sad;

But nonetheless reminds me God is everywhere, and watches over me, which makes me so glad.

I still bounce around in the sky, on the clouds, in my mind;

And imagine the glittering stars would lead to the destination that I set out to find…

The blue majesty up above is what connects us on Earth, to the Almighty…creating a love of an exraordinary kind.


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