A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Certainty of Truth

Pontius Pilot asked Jesus Christ, "What is Truth?" Christ answered,"Truth is not what you see or hear, but what is felt."



On this Earth we roam around;

For a truth that will make us Heaven Bound.

As we continuously recognize our flaws and strengths;

We must perfect both of them…correct them by willing to go all the lengths.



For in the words of our Blessed Savior, Jesus Christ…

“Truth is not what one sees or hears…but what is felt.”

By being a part of God’s Created World;

We are to continuously seek His Wisdom…His Truth…and with evil ways, from our lives, should be hurled.



Once one gets a taste of this Truth, the hunger to taste it again goes on and on…

Evil from it will try to manipulate, decieve, and con…

Despite evil’s temporary success of creating deviations…on will discover that the hunger for the certainty of God’s Truth, is NEVER gone…

And as one learn’s more and more, he/she wil become less of the enemy’s pon.



This will anger Satan, and he will throw anything to deter one from Truth’s Path;

For temporary indulgences and scorges VS. the price for eternity in Paradis…you do the math.

He will try to convince you that God will never forgive you of your debts or your sins…

But the truth states that with wholehearted faith, God will forgive you, unconditionally…not like how evil will remind you of them…like pins.



Evil will continuously tempt you away from seeking and sharing the Truth you found;

By lying, instilling fear, and even overly flattering you…trying to lure you away from hallowed ground.

For evil today will try to disguise itself with the shell of being empathetic and as pure as it could…

That is why Christ states that Truth is felt, not to be decieved by earthly says and actions, that sound and look good.



There is a certainty that comes along with Truth, that is felt;

Because it is felt from the innermost depth of your being, it can not be denied…within your heart…it takes deep root and melts.

The hardest things is giving to the Will of Truth, because it defies all logic of Man;

However it is so powerful, that it would rid all evil from existence, hence Satans plot of it…to ban.


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