A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.


How is your Faith these days? Which Path do you choose?


In the world today, those who choose to walk the path of God;

Are perceived as weak and odd.

For these people find pleasure in simple things;

Appreciating all that was created by God, the blessing that they bring.




These people are always aware of God’s Presence in all;

Never taking for granted anything big or small.

All around us evil keeps on seeping in and leaking;

Creating so much destruction, with people’s minds and thoughts tweaking;

From every corner possible, peeking.




As a result, making it harder and harder for God’s faithful to continue on and on;

With all of the deceit, accompanied by a con;

Tramples all over these faithful few, throwing them around as if they were a pawn.

Majority of today’s people have so much disregard;

In maintaining truth and integrity, for it is so unbearably hard.




There is always someone there to take advantage or to cheat you;

Who will even lie and slander on cue.

God is not the ruler of such people;

Maybe only when they go to Churches, or even that one day to the steeple.




I just can not comprehend how these people act and think

Don’t they know that God sees all, and doesn’t even blink?

For those of us suffering under the hand of such people controlled by such evil;

We must not transform into them and remain a believer.

The enemy has twisted truth and the intentions of our Creator;

To go as far as to convince many that those who go against the ways that he created, are quite obscure.

Calling them names like “Loser”, “Weak”, “Stupid” and “Fool”;

For believing in the unseen makes God’s People, uncool.




The world today is run by the enemy, with his selfishness and ways that are vain;

Hoping that by exposing those who do not want to believe in him to immense suffering and pain…

Will make more and more people go off God’s Path, and in their faith wane.

Though we may be the poorest of the things that exist on this Earth;

We know that we are the richest in God’s Kingdom, through our faith we give birth;

To the ways in which would lead others to God’s Path;

For all of the sufferings we have done the math;

That it is wise to endure them  in order to separate ourselves from the enemy and the Earth’s ways;

So that we can ultimately enter Paradise, for that is where our bliss finally lays.




It is not our duty for our sufferings, to take wrath;

As the people that chose to walk God’s Path…

God has promised to provide justice through His Son;

On the Day of Judgement, when all is said and done;

Which will come by surprise to many, to all that day, will be stunned.




Remember the farther we go away;

For within the Earth, we do not stay…

And profess God’s Principles in all that we say;

We threaten the evil that exists today.




We should continue to have courage, to keep up with the fight;

To keep our souls for God, through the enemy will spit on you with all of his might.

Continue on the path that is always right;

All of the day and all through the night.


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