A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

My Bliss Through Jesus Christ

Like Jesus Christ, we must endure the Trials and Tribulations on Earth. As the Son of God, He showed us a way back to Our Father in Heaven. We must refine ourselves to be worthy of Christ's Sacrifice, and God's Greatness.



For one to achieve a “peace of mind”;

And a heart that shines through as being pure and kind…

Is the bliss that I hope to one day find.




Being bound by the world and its ways;

No matter the possession owned, “bliss” is not what it pays.

For to have found “bliss” means to be completely fulfilled;

Never feeling any emptiness, but through God, having a souls that is stilled.




We must put our focus always first on the Promise that God gave us, through Christ Jesus, His Son;

For this Truth, we must seek for It and run.

There will be many obstacles thrown in our way;

To bring you the fartheset away from God, and of all the things that Jesus , of Heaven, had to say.

The enemy’s revenge is to steal all things created by God;

So we must remain focused on the Gospels, so that down the Kingdom’s Path, we trod…




Be prepared for the times ahead;

Full of Trials and Tribulations…we will try to be mislead.

Truth must be “felt”, not seen and heard with our imperfect humans ways;

For Jesus has stated that this will be the ONLY WAY we will find the direction to which Heaven’s path lays…

And “bliss” will be achieved, when we all reach there, to Jesus and God…all praise.


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