A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

One’s Purpose



Once you have found something to believe, there is this unshakeable “peace of mind”;

It’s sustaining and fulfilling…a feeling that is unique of its kind.

This certainty behind believing Truth is so calming, that no pain and suffering can’t shake it;

For it being from a Divine Source, there is a deeper purpose for one’s life, recognized…and a path at one’s feet lit.




Doubt, frustration, anger and saddness…all result from evil’s striking of this path;

To take one off from the road of Divine Enlightenment, to a life of Eternal Damnation…for that’s the wrath.

So take joy and feel happiness when times get tough…

For you are making evil shake with the certainty of your Divine Truth…making it on its words to choke and cough.




Enlightenment upon finding your Purpose can bring so much joy;

You will feel that there is no reason to conceal this happiness…or even of it to be coy.

Earthly measures do not determine the success in fulfilling this;

That can only be determined at the end of times…God accounts for all His Faithful not one miss.




So stay faithful in seeking your Divine Purpose…we were all created with one;

In the end, what separates God’s People from the rest is this faithful dedication and seeking…till the last breath is done.

It is never too late to turn to God and His Endless Love;

The life of Jesus Christ demonstrates this great love from Up Above…




Though we may stray away at times, Christ’s most humble Sacrifice ensured an open door;

To God’s Infinite Forgiveness, as long as we come back and seek…keep coming back for more.

Accepting His Authority is what is the most important in one’s life;

Remaining faithful and true to the Purpose, despite what may come in the way…any pain or strife.


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