Contrary to Common Belief: Life going smoothly is not the key…Self Refinement is.

We must go through the fires of trials and tribulations. Refine ourselves by going through the "Refiner's Fire". By going through the "Refiner's Fire" we become purer with each trial; and one step closer to God.


You must be in constant self refinement, in order to become as pure as gold…pure enough to enter the Kingdom of Our Creator:

1.  The more you suffer on this Earth; the more you separate yourself from the ways of this world, and get 1 step closer to God.

2.  One only thinks of God in the sad and hard times; but not as easily remembered in the good times.  We must remember God, in ALL times within our lives.

3.  God is not of the ways of this world.

4.  The Creator is above and beyond the ways of this world.

5.  The Creator gets justice for those who persecute the people who dedicates their lives to Him.

6.  All those who dedicated their lives in service to God, the Creator, were all persecuted by those bound to the evil ways of this world.

7.  It is not up to us to avenge for our injustices; it is only up to God.  For His wrath is PERMANENT; while Man’s ways are TEMPORARY.

8.  “Turn the other cheek.”

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