A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.


Healing has to start from within, not on the surface. Too many people are in pain...craving love for within.


Everywhere I look it seems that the world around me needs more healing;

Where from the Earth,everyone keeps on stealing.

As the days go by;

I hear God’s Anger and see His Tears in the sky.




Instead of trying to help others that are weaker;

We find ways to take advantage by making their lives bleaker.

Have we forgotten how to love all those that are precious and dear;

And instead consumed by greed, anger, and fear?




I yearn each day, more and more;

To love and heal with all my might and show others for them…what is in store.

For like love, healing has to start form within and fix;

All of the wounds that selfishness causes, lingers around, and sticks.




Forming alliances amongst each other can be so powerful and strong;

Healing can spread all over the world, and no longer fearing any doings that are wrong.

Fear and selfishness are destructive forces;

Where evil are its sources.

People seem to forget how easy it is to love so freely;

And how much good it can do…really.




Instead of seeing children dying;

Or with hunger crying;

With all of the poverty and crime;

Everyone would feel the need of spreading the love once shown to them, in time.

Animals who seek and yearn to be accepted and loved;

Are, instead beaten, killed, or shoved.




Who are we to take away their innocence;

To think we have the power;

Taking out our own pain and greed on them in mumbling and to scower.




If we are filled with these strong convictions, determined by the inner depths of our heart;

We must act to heal the wounds of the world with God’s Guidance, to start.

This is not only a requirement of the few;

But when we were brought down from up a above for the life that was breathed into us that was meant to be so pure…so new.

We all made a promise to our Creator in exchange for this life;

To not cause to our sisters and brothers strife.

Or against them take up a sword or knife.




Today we are so far away;

And we have from this promise, strayed.

Each day I’m brought to tears;

My heart is succumbed to the Earth’s fate and fears.

In all the future holds;

So much pain and destruction by the loads.




I must stand strong for my soul to save;

To keep my promise and not to the ways of this world, cave.

For in the end, I alone am held accounted for;

The words,actions, and the purity of my heart by God,my Creator…

For all the healing that I craved to do more and more….


4 responses

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  2. Pingback: HEALING (via Spiritualpoetry’s Blog) « Old Brush Arbors Weblog

  3. Healing Enzo

    Do not confuse faith & healing. You don’t need the former to do the latter. But the former is your personal path to the latter.

    Do not prosthelytize and assume you are healing. When someone needs aid, they may be on a different path than you. Give them comfort & support and allow them to follow their own path.


    May 25, 2011 at 9:12 pm

    • spiritualpoetry

      My friend….I appreciate your view. And I believe in this particular piece I have not made reference to any particular spiritual path.

      I have respect for all faiths and schools of thought. But my particular belief is that by way of Jesus Christ. I think faith in any shape or form HEALS. In fact, it can defy what is in the physical realm, because this kind of healing comes from the Father of Creation,who is beyond this physical realm.

      I allow all of whom that I encounter in life, to follow their path to God. But just as I respect and listen to their own personal beliefs…I expect those I encounter to do the same. My personal spiritual belief does not affect whom I aid. Afterall we are all God’s Creations. My duty is to God first.

      You can agree to disagree with what I write here. Afterall we all come from different paths, with different life experiences. What I do not understand about us as humans is why we have to prove one right over another. God is in everywhere and in everything. And God in the end decides who’s belief in Him was right or wrong. Which is why I do not judge one’s belief, when it is different from my own.

      May God Bless you, my friend.

      By the way, in the Indian language, “Namaste” does not require the accent at the end.

      May 26, 2011 at 3:30 pm

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