A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

River of Endless Tears


Each day with increasing anger and fears;

Angels cry a river of endless tears.

watching from distances far away;

Of how those who try to uphold integrity are left for evil to slay.




Days filled with insults, schemes, and lies;

Hitting humanity so hard to destruction, as evil swoops and flies.

A world now filled with so much hate;

It is getting closer to the times of redeeming ourselves, may be too late.

From every corner evil lurks, lunges, and leers…

The height continues to increase of the angels’ “River of Endless Tears”.




In this day and age it is quite common to be betrayed by a parent, brother, or sister;

Where bloodlines no longer reguire any allegiance, but allow things more sinister.pain and destruction seeping through… all around.

We must continue to seek guidance from up Above, to be Heaven Bound.




Hurricanes,earthquakes, climate changes,and floods…

War stricken lands with gunfire and scuds…

People hide and with fear and live;

Our Creator cries, why do we to evil’s temptation, give.




We continously bind ourselves to the earth and its ways;

Covering he path for which “the One”, at our feet lays.

His Angels continuously weep;

As to why out of life we make mountains that were not meant to be steep.




With each day it is harder to maintain;

Staying on the path that we were meant to remain.

Those who decide to walk “The Path” must remain determined and strong;

For difficulties and strife will be tough to endure, and seem long.

Logic to what is wrong or right;

Will no longer apply, and for your soul…you would ned to fight.

We must not get jaded and overcome evil derived fears;’

To stop the river of endless tears.





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