A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.



Humility is the key to reaching Paradise;

A way of life that will help us distinguish between good and evil…truth and lies.

To humble ourselves before our Creator is what we should do;

In order to find absolute bliss in all things that are true.




When we surrender to God, and abandon the Earth and its ways;

We become soldiers of love, in the Name of God, with Christ as our Commander, victory with us…lays.

The devil will try to take away from God’s Path…and get us in his grasp;

Trying to silence God’s People from proclaiming God’s Truth…making them suffering…words coming out with a wrasp.




Staying focused on God and His Ways must be our goal;

For enduring the arrows from the evil one, one must willingly take on the toll…

To separate ourselves from earthly riches, Christ promises us, will save our souls…

Because the only Master we should serve told us the earth and its ways have a lot of wholes.

They are all temporary and given a set price;

While God’s riches are permanent and can cut through temporary…evil earthly riches…in one splice.




By enduring all in the Name of God’s Love, one will experience Divine Intervention…feel a Divine Force;

In order to counter satan and his ways…one will gain super strength with the Creator as the Source.

Evil will shake and fear what their evil logic can not understand;

For God’s People gain strength from “the Unseen”, and evil can only scheme with thoughts that are tangible, using weapons that can only be touched by an earthly hand.




Humility is key in combatting the world today;

For strength from an Unseen Divine Source…willow for all earthly things to pass by…come as it may.

To reach the ultimate destination of God’s Kingdom, there is no need for money, clothes, sin;

God provides all that is necessary for the soul to live…EL FIN.


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