A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

In Moments of Persecution (via Spiritualpoetry’s Blog)

I decided to reblog this post because I have seen that a lot of people have come back to this entry. This particular poem was written in a particularly hard moment in my own life. Let’s face it, walking along God’s Path is not an easy task, especially when evil is running around rampantly on his playground called Earth, at the present.

What I have learned is that when we have moments like these, where we are feeling so down….we must take a “time out” for ourselves, to recollect ourselves in the silence of our hearts with God, the Creator.

We much march on seeking, and refining our hearts. May God find us worthy as His Servants, and to enter His Paradise.

God Bless.

In Moments of Persecution   In moments of persecution, what must we do? We must remain steadfast within our beliefs and faith in God, in order to be guided by the truth. Sometimes what is seen and heard, can conflict with the conscience that was given to us; Which will make our souls to battle between truth and deception…can cause quite a fuss.     When we face moments of trouble, we remember to stay; In line with God’s Laws, which can ot be understood by the ley. For f … Read More

via Spiritualpoetry’s Blog


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