A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Dear Jesus…


Dear Jesus,

I woke up today with such great joy, with the anticipation of all that I was about to experience for the day.  Though I don’t know what lies exactly ahead for me…I know that all that I do in the day, would be to Honor You.  Serving You gives me so much joy, that life would be meaningless for me if I did not do so.

I thank Our Father for giving me another day to live to serve Him.  I thank Him also for the many ways to which He shows me His Existence in my life.  His Love is amazing, it makes me dance….His mercy is endless, that thinking of it makes me cry out of its awesomeness.

I talk to Our Father and You during many times in the day.  While I take a shower, get dressed, drive around the town, and even in my room.  I ask for Your fogiveness everyday, so that I can be worthy to join You someday.  I realize that I can not change the past, or the future that is to come; but I can only go forward, in the path of following Your Ways, in the present moment, in order to honor You as each day comes.

Thank You for loving me so much, to give Your life on the Cross.  Going through all of the pain and ridicule to fulfill God’s Purpose…is what is required of everyone of us.  Thank You for Your Life Example, my love for You is true.  I will dedicate the rest of my life, in testifying my love to You.

Love Always,

“You know who I am”. 🙂


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