A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.



How can one calculate the cost;

Of the value of Love that is lost.

Can the pain one’s heart be put on a scale;

Or have an expiration date to determine if it is stale?




Love Lost leaves unbearable pain;

Creating so much heartache and disdain…

Making one to wonder that the tears shed will my soul…stain?

To love is the reason Man was created;

However, for some reason, it has become contorted and ill-fated.




A world created out of love has become so cold;

Where money is its gold…

And love can be easily sold…

Truths becoming scarcely told.




For now love comes at an earthly price;

Being bought and sold once or even more than twice.

Man has found it so easy to see each other as disposeable;

Love is no longer stable, but loseable.

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