A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Am I Worthy, Abba Father?

May the Promise of God be fulfilled.

Dear Father in Heaven:

Your love never ceases to amaze me.  There were times of when I could not forgive myself, and at those very moments You kissed my forehead with sunshine or a rainbow.  One time I remember You had blessed me to have seen 2 rainbows, one ontop of the other.  Another time, it was the kind words of a parent or sibling…and at times a perfect stranger that became a close friend. 

I look outside and see the deer and fawn living off of the land.  Despite the grass being brown and dried out from the heat, the deer seem to always be nibbling on something.  I see the little birds tweeting and flying around so happily, not even bothered by their surroundings.  The flowers in the wild always have something to survive on.  If You, Father God in Heaven, provide even for these little ones, who am I to feel apprehensive or worried?  They do not worry.

Prophet after Prophet, Father God in Heaven, You kept on sending your Messengers to reveal to us a portion of Your Wisdom.  Yet we refused to listen to them.  Yet You still continue to shower us with Your love…never giving up on us.

Dear Father in Heaven, I am not worthy of such a love.  I thank You for Your endless mercy and forgiveness.  May I be a worthy Servant of Love, for You.  For I know that all of the things of this earth are temporary and fixed in price; while the things that You provide are everlasting and priceless.  The earthly trials that we go through on this earth, are tests for the Truth behind the Faith we profess.  I stand before You, Father in Heaven, naked and in humble servitude.  You know all of me….You know all of everyone; for You Created all.  Yet some of my fellow brothers and sisters believe that whatever is not in sight on the earhtly realm, is hidden forever. 

I know that all is seen before You.  Though I am imperfect, I strive everday for Your Approval.  May we all find that approval and worthiness to enter Your Great Kingdom in Heaven, full of Love and Happiness.  To give glory and praise to You, Our Awesome Creator.

Love Always,

Your Daughter.


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