A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Put On The Armor of God


Ephesians 6:10-18




In your life today, what have you decided for its path?

 Is it to buy mansions, fancy cars, or by constantly of money doing the math?

 Or is it on huge campaigns to feed your vanity and pride?

 Saying and doing things at any cost, despite counting how many times your souls have cried.




 Human nature tells us to give into things that we can see with our human senses;

 But in the end,such things, of our souls and hearts, it condenses.

 God has told us repeatedly, time after time;

 That we should not be so quick to threaten our soul, and sell it at the drop of a dime…

 By conforming to the ways of this world, would prevent your soul from becoming sublime.




 We should constantly seek God’s Purpose of our lives, and guard our souls;

 Otherwise they will in eternal damnation, it will lead a path that,without rest, constantly rolls.

 Seek the Truth that God professes, with all of your being…

 And that Truth felt, not that with the imperfect, manipulatable human senses,will show you the earth’s ways have no meaning.




 Therefore each day being a spiritual battle, and more so in the end on of times, as soldiers of God’s Love;

 We must put on the Armor from Up Above.

 For that armor is of a Divine Source;

 Where Earthly weapons, can not harm or destroy by anger or force.




 So arm yourself today with the BELT OF TRUTH;

 And do not hide yourself away in fear within a boothe.

 For the enemy feeds off of that fear,

 So we must not give that advantage for him to be able to lunge and lear.




 THE BREASTPLATE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS will give you confidence and certainty;

 A mind that is will be free of guilt, and full of clarity.

 Once we have been enlightened by the Father of Creation, we must not keep that to ourselves;

 But with the SANDALS OF PEACE AND THE READINESS TO SPREAD GOD’S GOSPEL, should be shared to all, not kept on shelves.




 The hardest of all to fight of the human free will;

 Is to surrender your flesh to the Will of God, is the key to keeping your soul forever, still.

 So with the SHIELD OF FAITH, we must march on;

 Even if our earthly bodies are all gone.




 By remembering the life and suffering of our Lord Jesus Christ, through His Death on the Cross;

 The HELMET OF SALVATION, will remind us that even He had to endure, what we have to on this earth,but in the end it’s not a loss.

 The most powerful weapon we could own out of all is the SWORD OF THE SPIRIT, which the enemy can not withstand;

 For no matter how many times he tries to harm and manipulate you, you will mantain that in your life he is banned.




 The ARMOR OF GOD, is an invisible weapon, that can only be attained by faith and love;

 This is not something that can be earned or bought, by given as a gift from Up Above.

 For seeking God, continuously, steadfastly, despite your earthly strife;

 Will promise your soul, eternal life.



One response

  1. Patricia

    Praise the Lord – I was looking for a picture of the Armor of God to use for a Bible Studay and I found your website. Wanted to know about the sandals – they don’t seem to fit the description for armor i.e. a man dressed to do battle. just asking, thank you.

    May 20, 2011 at 1:01 am

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