A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.


Often mistaken as something that is obtained; but it is a virtue given as a gift from the Father of Creation.



The world today is so full of opinions and thoughts;

But how many of them were borrowed or bought?

You ask, how can this be?

Well look today, with advertisements in books, magazines, radio, and even on T.V.




Many of us follow thoughts and beliefs that can feed our ego;

Instead of,for the mistakes we have made, to admit and to God….let go.

The ability to discern truth from lies….

Comes from up above and with repentent cries.




Have we all become so arrogant and think we know it all;

Through our imperfect human intelligence, we think that we have figured out all things great and small?

Thinking that we have figured out God’s incredible wisdom for ourselves, but in reality just a small ball.




Discernment is a gift, given by the Creator of Heaven…do not mistake it as something that can be obtained;

For this will allow for one to even know the deception of Satan, and keep his evil contained.

A weapon hat can not be mesured by an earthly means;

Keeping Satan on his toes, knowing that trickery will not withstand against it, boiling him within….spitting in streams.




By faithfully seeking God; with a pure heart;

Will give you a path to this virtue, from the start.

No book knowledge…..or IQ Test will give you such virtues…

God distributes His Gifts, to those of the chosen few.




With love and unity we all must come together;

Asking for God’s Guidance we can withstand Satan and His Earthly desires, forever.

We must ask God’s Help, in things that we can not understand….

That go against His Ways of Love….that would have the power to knock you off His Path, things that you must, withstand.




Never think that you know it all;

For that is when Satan will come to slither and crawl….

To take you away to his world where all things to God are small.




Beware….beware…..for he will not spare  you of any test;

In the end of days, like the Prophet Job, God will allow for Satan to test all, even the very best….

God in Heaven only wants those who have truly understood His Ways of Love;

Where anything of earthly value, will be put aside, and your soul will fly high like a dove.




Ask for God’s Guidance in all you do;

For then you will see the evil hidden in this world…and all Satan stews.

Your tests will never end…

Till your soul is laid to bed….

Therefore…..seek The Almighty will of your being….

God will lead home for His safe keeping.



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