A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

A Letter From the Almighty Father to His Children

My Dear Children:

I weep for you everyday.  I have created you in “My Image”; yet you defile yourself.  Instead of being pleased with your image, which is Mine, you defile me with  plastic surgery, lust, and vanity.  If you are in My Image,am I that ugly to you?  While you believe you are creating a masterpiece, you have destroyed MY MASTERPIECE.  I have created many companions for you, in the form of animals, trees and flowers that decorate the earth, and even companionship with each other; but you insist that in order to survive, you must destroy all this.  I have created you all…to live in perfect harmony with each other, to love one another.  You insist that with your pride and arrogance that you know better than even I, who created you.  As a Father to all of My Creations, I weep for how lost you have all become.  Many times, I’ve stretched out My Hands to help those who are hurting or even dying…but no one grabbed hold for the love that I yearn to give.

The very life I have breathed into you; you have decided who is allowed to breathe the air I created with every soul I create into being, through MURDER, ABORTION and DEATH PENALTY.  Who are you to destroy My Creations?  Does not any creator, love their creation?  Does not a creator hurt when their creation is being abused or destroyed?  I have called you all, My Children…yet how many of you call me, “Father”?  How I yearn to hear that from your lips; and to feel that love from your hearts….I have loved you enough to call each one of you, by name.  I have loved you as much as to have sent My Only Son…to show you how to live in My Ways of Love, and to absorb your sins to create another pathway to Me. 

Yet just like all else on this earth, your pride and ego got in the way.  You tortured Him to the point where His Flesh was sliding off of His Bones.  Despite that, you still found the need to ridicule Him while bleeding in front of you, and put a Crown of Thorns on His Head.  Oh how my heart just sank when I witnessed this.  In the end of it all, you hung, nailed His flesh, and killed Him like a criminal.  WHAT CRIME DID HE COMMIT TO DESERVE SUCH A DEATH?  Instead of setting Him free; a murderer was set free, when given the choice.  You mocked Him when He spoke of My Love for you.  You ridiculed Him when He found that all that I have provided on this Earth to live, was sufficient enough for His Earthly Life.  He did not seek the riches of royalty, though being a KEY MEMBER of Royalty within THE MOST HIGH COURT.  You all put materialism of this world before Me.  I’ve seen it meaning so much more to you, that you have lied, cheated, and killed for such things.  Do you think I do not see or know of such things?!?!  You can not hide anything from me.

What more can I do to make you understand My Love for you?  I gave you My Son, to whom you slaughtered as if He was nothing to you.  He will return again, and this time, only seek those who have found the TRUTH behind My Love, and living it the way He did, while on the Earth.  He will destroy the evil one who made you all turn away from Me, and bring back to Me all of you that have suffered for My Sake, just as He did.  Refine yourselves, endure the tests of evil, but to only become victorious in Me.  You will see eternal life is only through My Son, who I am pleased, as to living His Earthly Life, without falsifying My Message of Love.


Your Father, The Creator


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