A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Seek Divine Love

There are times of when I do not know what to do;

With all the pain that exists in this world..people just do not have a clue.

We all get so absorbed within our own lives;

That we forget that there are others in this world that barely can strive.

At times I feel that because I love so hard;

People find it so easy of me to discard.

And when they need that love back;

They run, without even any hesistation, and with their pain for me to bear, they come and attack.

But when I look around in times of pain;

No one is around to heal me or help me through the tumultuous rain.

Through the years, I have learned to look Up Above;

For the strength and healing that I lacked from earthly people…and became a constant source of strength and love.

Since then, I fell in Love,

With my Creator, Who makes me soar as high as a dove.

He fulfills my every need;

And heals me of all my pain and sorry without heed.

I wish all could experience this Love the way I do…

For it quenches my every desire both old and new.

I feel great sorrow for all those who constantly keep seeking for comfort in this world;

From my own experience, I know, that search will go on till your last breath…and leave you empty…your soul all twisted and twirled.

The Almighty’s Love is so powerful…so strong;

Once you’ve recognized it, and felt it…..you will forever of it, long.

It is the kind of Love that will make you feel invincible;

Where none of the things of this world can bother you…

Due to the Love revealed…you will see nothing in comparison, of value.


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