A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

One’s Purpose (via Spiritualpoetry’s Blog)

Have you ever felt that you have a “calling” in life? And by pondering on it, you feel this inexplicable peace, well at least with earhtly human logic. How many of us just surrender to those thoughts? How many of us just take the time to listen? God has created us all for a purpose in life. We might all think we were meant to be caped crusaders, but in reality, even the things that we in the earthly sense, might consider “small”….is not. We could be nurturing a caped crusader…that’s not a small role by any means.

I’ve seen this piece of mine revisited quite often, so I have reblogged it. Thank you for coming back.

One's Purpose     Once you have found something to believe, there is this unshakeable "peace of mind"; It's sustaining and fulfilling…a feeling that is unique of its kind. This certainty behind believing Truth is so calming, that no pain and suffering can't shake it; For it being from a Divine Source, there is a deeper purpose for one's life, recognized…and a path at one's feet lit.       Doubt, frustration, anger and saddness…all result from evil's stri … Read More

via Spiritualpoetry's Blog


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