A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Father God, Why Don’t We Listen?


Each night, I cry out up Above;

To the Father of Creation who did all out of Love.

We take so much for granted in this world;

And think that no one is watching, while we make things all twisted and twirled.

My heart aches at all the deception and lies;

That occur without any hesitation, justifying it through “survival of the fittest” as our battle cries.

Only after all is said and done;

Do we think about making it right, but instead we decide of that responsibility, of it, to run.

So many people only think of “what will benefit them”…

But whatever happened thinking about for the “great good” will love stem.

Satan is running around rampantly on the earth, that is his playground;

Trying to steer away as many souls as he can, from being Heaven Bound.

Guard your soul with all of your might;

For in the end of it all, God will surely reward you for your painful plight.

No one these days are willing to do the labor;

Instead, become gluttonous and self indulgent with the earth’s ways, they would rather savor.

God has given us so much?

To the point of Salvation on the Cross, with His Son, as such.

We must refine ourselves with each day;

And all to Him we should lay…

Letting our earthly battles come all as it may.

God, I wish I knew why?

We choose to not listen to your wisdom..and allow for our souls to cry…

You have promised us Eternity filled with Love;

If we would just stick to your plan for our lives, so we can meet you Up Above.

God forgive us, if we go off the Path;

We will promise to get back on..for we have done the math…

Eternity of Heaven is much longer than the earthly ways;

God, give us the strength to endure all for that evil lays…

To try to steer us away from your Love…through false displays.



2 responses

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    • spiritualpoetry

      Thank you my friend for the post. I am truly gracious for your support in my words.

      October 30, 2010 at 3:38 pm

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