A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.



I constantly roam around this earth seeking;

For all those souls who are slowly slipping away, and at evil’s door peeking.

I try to love them with all of my might;

To bring them back to God’s fold, to help them from a tortuous plight.




Though getting so exhausted from trying help them;

I do not walk away until I know that the love seeds I planted will from them stem.

So many people’s souls cry out to experience Love;

They are so lost that they forget that they can always look for that from Our Father Up Above.




My heart yearns for them to understand;

That being kings and queens on this earth, is not what God has planned.

Evil’s plans were to shackle you to this world and its ways;

So that it can steal of the soul you own, and forever with him to lay.




God sent Jesus to give us all another chance;

To save our souls and join Him for Eternity, and against satan to take a stance.

We have become so weak, for Mankind only seeks;

To fulfill pleasures and gluttony, to which evil into them leaks.




We must be on guard of the souls that God has given to us;

It is the most prized possession we own, to guard it is a must.

For we will need to put up the fight;

To come back home to the Father of Creation, and to see the Light.




I humbly bow down to you Father God, to help You;

As I refine myself, as the events of the End of Times come on cue.

I will do all I can to answer Your Call;

Use me as Your Instrument, and do not allow Satan to come and push me to fall.


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