Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing


As we walk on this earth, brothers & sisters beware;

Of all Satan’s lies and deceit scattered around, plotted with care.

His most dangerous weapon is those who are kind and full of Love…

Mimicking and acting as if they are disciples of Our Father Up Above.



While Jesus was the Lamb Slaughtered to absorb our sins;

Satan has planted many who soil His Crucifixion, with those of his kin.

He has planted those mimicking our Precious Lamb, to trap those of us who are;

Followers of our Shepard, all flocking from afar.



Like WOLVES in SHEEP’S CLOTHING, they go about to loot;

All of Our Good Shepard’s Sheep, and out of His flock to boot….

Micking meekness and kindness, those of which are asked of us;

In the Way of Sacrificial Love,we were meant in God to trust.



They backstab…lie….cheat…and steal;

The souls that were meant to be Heaven Bound…are with Satan made to deal.

Therefore guard yourself with all of your might;

Of the soul that God has put you in charge of…to guard against evil’s plight.



Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing….are the ones that fool God’s faithful few;

They camouflage within the flock, and pounce on Satan’s cue.

Pray for discernment…to feel truth amongst the lies;

To recognize these warriors for Satan, to take away God’s souls, on them he relies.



We must strengthen our relationship with the Father Up Above;

So that we can detect those who Live His Way of Life of Sacrificial Love.

Many will profess Love, Peace, and Kindness…

And mimick the way of life that exhibits our Shepard’s Mildness.



Be on guard and be willing to put up the fight;

It will be Sheep against Sheep….Sheep that are Wolves….that will be out of your sight.

Father God, hear the cries of Your Children who seek for Your Path back Home;

On this Earth with Our Good Shepard, till the time comes…we will Roam.


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