A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Pain in My Heart


Dear Father:

I woke up this morning with an unbearable pain;

That was constant and dull, trying of my heart to stain.

It was successful,only because I know how I was made;

To feel all of the pain of those that I encounter…are on my heart laid.

I think of my cat who passed on;

Who is my best friend, even after she has long from this Earth,gone.

I think of my family who are near me;

Everyday I pray for their happiness and mercy…and for all evil to flee.

My ache in my heart grew strong, as I see all the people who sit and count their earthly money;

Do they not know that with this, you will not be able to enter the gates of Heaven filled with milk and honey?

I think of all the people that did not hesitate to betray or cheat a friend or family member to get ahead in life;

Do they not know that in the end of it all; Satan will make sure you go through an eternity worth’s of strife?

So many feel entitled to so many things;

But when will they understand that the Eternity promised by God, can only be experienced by cutting your Earthly strings.

I see so many of God’s faithful being misused and illtreated;

But they stand stoic and fearless,despite being tortured and beated.

For they know that the One that they serve is above the ways of this land;

And there was once a promise made to them, in exchange for their loyalty to be in God’s Hands.

Thinking about all of these things with my earthly,human heart;

Makes me want of this world to break away and part….

Then I realize that the Love that we were all created to feel;

Must be obtained through faithful Love to God, as we pray and kneel….

To avoid of our hearts and souls,by Satan to win with a steal.

A heart of a Divine Source will ache for all that is seen here;

Because they have experienced a Love that is very clear…

Instead of anger, wrath, and pain….

It will allow for the pain of others of their heart to stain….

So that all to God’s Feet will be laid & solved …and a chance for Eternity to be gained.


3 responses

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  2. This is gorgeous. Sometimes I wonder if our own pain and struggles is to keep our hearts tender towards others. So many people are struggling, hurting and such that if we weren’t going through it as well, we may never stop and notice.

    Prayer – It changes things!! Keep praying! I know that I personally am so thankful for the wonderful friends in my life that pray for me. I couldn’t make it without it.



    November 27, 2010 at 1:35 pm

    • spiritualpoetry

      I truly do believe our past life experiences help us to witness God’s Existence to those in SIMILAR SITUATIONS. To allow for them to feel comfort in knowing that someone understands, and help them get through. It is such humbling experiences in life that allow for us to be broken vessels to this world, and become worthy enough for God to enter within us.

      Thank you for stopping by. And thank you for reading. Love always.

      November 27, 2010 at 6:09 pm

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