A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

A Letter From the Almighty Father to His Children (via Spiritualpoetry’s Blog)

Something weighed on my heart to Reblog this entry. When I wrote this entry,it was with tears from feeling the love of God, and the pain and torture that Jesus Christ endured for our sake. Such a Sacrificial Love can not be comprehended by the human heart, but only through a heart that has been inspired by a Divine Source. I urge you to meditate on the “Passion of Jesus Christ”. Meditate on the Prayer of the “Our Father”…and see the strength of Love.

God’s Love, once a portion of it is understood by a faithful seeker….is so strong that even evil can not defeat it. Our Father in Heaven looks down with His Love. And Jesus gave up His Life for the sake of showing us God’s, with that same Love for us. A love of a selfless, sacrificial kind.

A Letter From the Almighty Father to His Children My Dear Children: I weep for you everyday.  I have created you in “My Image”; yet you defile yourself.  Instead of being pleased with your image, which is Mine, you defile me with  plastic surgery, lust, and vanity.  If you are in My Image,am I that ugly to you?  While you believe you are creating a masterpiece, you have destroyed MY MASTERPIECE.  I have created many companions for you, in the form of animals, trees and flowers that decorate the … Read More

via Spiritualpoetry’s Blog


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