A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.


When you think of these 2 terms, what comes first to your mind?  Are they proportional to each other?  Do they go hand-in-hand?  This has been something that I have struggled with in understanding for a very long time, and have actually had an epiphany over.  This particular weekend was like a hail storm of information, which helped me to come to my conclusion here.

We were all created to LOVE.  Our promise to God, in exchange for the life He gave us is to love and nurture all those living things we encounter within our life path.  It is to be given out freely;without any discrimination.  Jesus Christ has instructed us to love our neighbors, as well as our enemies.  THIS is what will separate Believers from Nonbelievers in God’s Divine Love.  When we are able to do this, in a selfless manner, we are on our way of mastering such a love.

I think what is often misunderstood is that TRUST accompanies LOVE.  I believe that TRUST is independent from it. As opposed to LOVE being freely given, and “supposedly” received…TRUST, on the other hand, is earned; it should not be so easily given.  There is a big defference in that.  People may think by reading this, that I am a jaded person.  I assure you, though I’ve had my share of troubles and adversities on this Earth…that through all of them…this is what I have learned in differentiating the 2.

If you look at ANY Enlightened Person, they all had their “inner circle” or their confidantes.  Did it mean that they loved any less, others that were not within this circle?  Truly enlightened souls will not change the intensity to which they love.  Love from a Divine Source does not allow such a discrimination to occur in such a heart.  It will be constant.  It will become so engrained within you, that it will become 2nd nature for you to do.  However even God has stated over and over again about relying on HIM to discern the evil which is within your sight.  TRUST should first be with God; and HE will bring within your life path, people that you can rely on.

The problem with having the perception that both go together is that not all people that you love (i.e. your foes) are trustworthy for your wellbeing, or even reliable.  But are we supposed to love them…YES.  Can we rely on them for our wellbeing…NO.  This is where we can get jaded; and at times expose our heart to very harmful things.  There will be many within evil’s pack, who will try to make you feel guilty for not easily trusting in them.  However, God states keep close guard on your soul.  There will be many who will try to deceive you into trusting that they are “the savior”…and that their ways of love is that of God’s.  But if one is grounded in God’s Divine Teachings of Love….have truly come to understand what Jesus’ life was for…then they will take a closer look and “feel the truth”; OR “lack of”, in such situations.  Beware, those mimicking and regurgitating word of love…teachings,words, actions will all contradict those of God’s Love, which is selfless in nature…quick to give glory to earthly idols.  They will try to back track and build webs of lies, only to cause confusion and to bring God’s People further away from their Heaven Bound Paths, farther away from TRUTH.

Distraction from TRUTH, is Satan’s game plan…to gain your trust by luring you in a euphoria and an easy pathway to life filled with his self love and earthly idols.  Don’t get me wrong, there are going to be people you come across in life where you can TRUST them…LOVE them.  Love all…make them earn your trust from you…

I think Shakespeare said it best as:




“Love All;

Trust Few;

Do no harm to others.” -W.Shakespeare



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