Judgement Day

Though many of us may not think about it constantly, it is a reality that most religions profess…which the End of Times, ushers in.  Some debate whether Hell is yet to come; or whether we are living in Hell right now.  I really do not look at things in this way.  In recent times, I have come to understand that Judgement Day is based on how we endure the trials of this earth, by still abiding in the ways to which Jesus Christ professed within His Sermon on the Mount, to which He exemplified with the Example of His Own Life.

If we study the Life of Jesus Christ, He has truly undergone every human adversity and challenge.  But the key is, which He was trying to teach with His Life Example, to not give in to human emotion.  Though we were given free will, through out history, humans constantly freely chose what is wrong in God’s Eyes.  And Judgement Day, is what I believe is God’s Final “last straw” with us, human beings.  We constantly get seduced by Satan to choose ways of life that violate God’s Laws, and even in modern day, choose to pervert them; and even mock them.  Jesus, did not hide Himself from the world, neither did He segregate Himself from the world for Enlightenment.  He lived within it….to be the Physician of the Spiritually Sick; and a Soldier of God’s Infinite Love and Forgiveness.  Many were willing to listen to His Teachings…but how many were willing to Live by His Teachings with their most inner being?

In the end of times, we must be vigilant for Satan and his demons will profess love and peace; just as Jesus did.  Someone once told me, quoting Jesus, “The path to enter the Gates of Heaven are very narrow and full of adversities.  Yet the path to enter the gates of Hell are wide and easy.”  I believe this.  And it is during these times where God’s faithful will be tested.  Will we, those who choose to walk the path of seeking God and His Inifinite Love, just as Jesus Christ did with His Life, endure the adversities of this Earth with Love; and die while upholding God’s Laws?  Will we use God’s gift of Discernment to find out who are Satan’s “wolves in sheep’s clothing” versus God’s People, who are Sheep in Our Good Shepard, Jesus’, Flock?  In trying to find the difference in the love professed by both sides, especially in the end of times, we must further strengthen our Faith in God.  In trying to find the answer, we will see that the things of this world truly do not mean anything other than the pricetag we have given them, with our human hands.  And the most priceless things, are that which can not be seen by the human eyes, but God’s alone.

Judgement Day…..what do you think will occur on that day when you stand before God, and how will Jesus plead the case of your life to Him?  To recognize God as your Authority is different in fearing Him.  I know that there is this saying of having the “fear of God” within.  I think like any other parent, God loves all of His Children.  Children who fear their parents, means that they respect their authority within their lives; it means that they care about what their parents think of them…because they love them.  But this fear, should not dictate why we do certain actions, in the hopes that it would appease The Almighty God in punishing us.  That puts a human sense to this entire thing..an earthly parameter, so to speak.  And again, a weapon of Satan.

We should be choosing to become spiritually clean.  We should be choosing to do God’s Will.  Not fearing a consequence for not doing so.  Judgement Day we will all stand before God, one by one.  And God will judge us based on all that we have done with our time on Earth; and the intentions behind all done.  Approaching things with a clean heart, is what Jesus taught us.  In recent times, I have truly come to understand what this really means.  Earthly logic can not compare to the logic to which God can provide.  As Jesus said, “God is above and beyond the ways of this world.”  We can not define ourselves by earthly parameters and logic, and apply them to God’s Teachings.  This is where we have to really put God first in all, in order for Him to guide us to His Ways; just as Jesus did.  We must endure the trials of this Earth…till our last breaths.   With the whole Armor of God, upholding His Truth and Love, we must, as Jesus did, die of the ways of this Earth to enter the gates of Heaven.  Satan will put up a mean front….be the sweetest of all things to lure you away from the Path to Heaven…beware!  And then capture you for the eternity of pain and suffering that he has in store for you, as his slaves.  So while being slaves on this earth to him, you become his slaves for eternity in Hell.  There is an overwhelming predominance of darkness in the world today.  However, we all are capable of being beacons of Light with the Love that Jesus has shown us through His Sacrificial Love, demonstrated with His Death on the Cross.

So march on, fellow Soldiers of God’s Love.  March on with the courage that when you believe in a God that is beyond the ways of this world; that  you have His Shield to protect you in the spiritual sense.  Uphold God’s Laws, to the purest form you can.  Ask for the Almighty God’s Guidance in all; with the protection of the most Precious Blood shed by His Son, Jesus Christ.  Don’t let earthly pain defeat you.  But let it give you insight to God’s Infiinte Wisdom; as well as to the dirty plans of Satan.


Pictures courtesy of http://eborg3.com/Graphics/Bible/66-Revelation/Rev20/Judgement%20Day.jpg 

(From now on I will site where I get my pictures from.)

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    As each day goes by on this earth, we must be mindful that in the end…we are all held accountable for what we did with our lives, while on this earth. We must live each day, in full awareness that there is a God, a Creator that we have to answer to…and to make sure we are right in His Eyes, for all.

    Today I am reposting a past entry. I was inspired to do so, as a reminder….God Bless, and _/I\_ Namaste…


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