A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Did your lord die for your sake? Mine did.

As I grow older, and discover my own faith….I just become more and more stronger as a Christian.  In my lifetime, I’ve come across and even studied other religions and faiths.  Though all profess Love in some shape or form; I look at their following base, and see how this love is translated in belief and practice.  This ultimately shows which belief has taught the true meaning of Love, as that to which God has expected for all of us to live our lives as.

Love is a Divine Enlightenment.  I don’t think any belief system would refute this.  There is no room for human interpretation for a Divine Thought.  To truly understand Love, we must be on a spiritual path.  Now people will say, well, even animals understand what love means, and they are not on a spiritual journey?  Who can prove that they are not? In fact, I think they follow God’s Laws more so than us as human beings.  They do not question the way of life that God has given them…they just live it knowing that this is how they were created to live.  And yet, they understand the meaning of Love.  But us as human beings, look at how we defy God’s Laws these days?  So yes, even the animals are on a spiritual journey.  However, I have digressed from my original point. 

Love for me, since it is Divine in nature, has no room for Self.  So it has of the following:

1. Devoid of Ego

2.  Devoid of Pride

3.  Full of Sacrifice

4.  Limitless

5.  Does not seek recognition

6.  Mercy

7.  Forgiveness

For me, there is nothing in Love, that has to do with condtions.  Love in the truest form, is unconditional.  Christianity, has shown through it’s Prophet, Jesus Christ, as the Messiah, that He demonstrated ALL of this…to the point of Sacrificing His Own Earthly Life, for the sake of what?  For the sake of Salvation for all of Mankind.  The death He even endured was not of nobility or honor…it was that to be considered of a criminal in those days.  There was no glory or earthly richness in the life He led.  Yet in the Christan faith, He is known as the Son of God.  No other faith demonstrates this of their Prophets.  He lived a life of a Carpenter’s Son.  The clothes that He wore is from the cloth that He spun Himself.  He ate off of the Land in just the minimum quantities.  For His Enlightenment, He did not segregate Himself from society; in fact He lived within it, to understand more and more why as human beings we continue to not listen to the Most High God.  He endured every human suffering, and still did not violate God’s Laws in the process.  If you read His Teachings, they are of Nonviolence….Sacrifice….Forgiveness, and Unconditional Love.  There is nothing of Wrath or gains of Earthly Riches.  In fact, He says that He has come to reestablish God’s Laws of Love, within His Sermon on the Mount. 

To mock and ridicule Jesus, and profess Love as a philosophy is a total paradox.  The fact that people have the need to discredit Jesus, out of all the Prophets, in all the faiths in this world, only shows the TRUTH of Love that He demonstrated with His Life.  I can honestly say, that those of different faiths, who have openly studied the life and death of Jesus, remained fully transformed in Love, in heart, body, and mind.  To fathom the faith and love that Jesus had to endure the Life and Death that He did, requires a heart that is on a spiritual journey.  He taught to live through example.  And people will want to learn of the love that our lives show.  Love is Divine in nature….and there is no earthly price to that.  Jesus showed a selfless love, that can not be denied by anyone.  In fact if it is denied, it would be only because such a sacrificial love could not be understood by them.  That is the difference between Divine Love and that of Self Love, the sacrifice of SELF.  In spirituality, you would need to let go of all human and earthly understanding, and be free to the Will of God, with His Guidance in all.  Jesus did that, and defied all human parameters.  Still transforming hearts with the story of His Love.  We must die of our sinful human self…to understand what the meaning of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is.  Jesus died, according to the Christian faith, for ALL MANKIND…not just for Christians.  For those that mocked Him, for those that beat and tortured Him, for those that plotted against Him…for those that were impartial to Him…and for those who loved Him; for all castes, creeds, and races. 

In fact through His Death on the Cross,He has shown that Earthly Wrath is nothing in comparison to the Wrath of God.  That all of His Earthly adversities, were all worth suffering for, for the Paradise that God will reward us with by going against our imperfect human nature.  And the price is high for giving into our imperfect human nature.  Evil’s Wrath is Temporary….God’s Wrath is Permanent.

As the end of times come near, it will get harder and harder to follow God’s Ways, the way Jesus has shown.  More and more people will divert off track due to how “hard” it would be.  Jesus through His Life Example, kind of foretold what is expected ahead, in my opinion.  In fact, to reach God, what Jesus endured is what is expected of us.  To uphold God’s Love at all costs. 


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    Jesus Christ, through His Death, became the Ultimate Symbol of Unconditional Love, through His Sacrificial Death on the Cross, at Calvary. And through His Resurrection He showed us that in God, the Father of Creation, we all can conquer death.

    April 20, 2014 at 11:49 am

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