A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Make Me Worthy Lord

Lord with each day,

I ask for your forgiveness and pray;

That my heart is worth all that you have sacrificed for me to have lived today….

For the Sacrificial Love that you have shown through Your Death, for my sins to pay.



My heart aches, My Master, for how our nature is to sin,

Have we come so far away from our Creator…so empty inside as if we were hollow and made out of Tin?

Our Father has shown us so many times, His Mercy and Love;

When will we learn that we are to listen to Whom is Up Above?



I break down crying;

Seeing all of us in sins, just around,lying.

We have now become smarter than God to question His Purpose in all,

That we have now made ourselves god in all things great and small.



May we all find our ways back,

To the Example that you, Jesus, have brought us without any lack…

Of Love with stern warnings as unconditional love always shows,

For the betterment of all, but only understood to those which God chose.



May I be worthy, Sweet Master, for the Love You have shown to me,

I know I am far from the Perfection of the Life Example you have given for me to see.

I try and try everyday to fix all that is wrong,

Please give me all the tools to fix them, and in You to be strong.



I love you Jesus, My Master, for the love You have shown me…

I just wish the whole world sees what I see.


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