A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

The Universal Language

“I believe that unarmed Truth, and Uncondtional Love will have the final word in reality.That is right, temporarily defeated,is stronger than Evil Triumph.” – Martin Luther King Jr.


One of the biggest barriers to love is, I believe pride.  I’ve thought about this quite often throughout many years of my life.  Love of an unconditional kind has the following:

1.  Egoless

2.  Without Vanity

3.  Without Definitions

4.  Protective in nature

5.  Nurturing

6.  Sacrificial

7.  Forgiving

If we look at the above words, notice that it can pertain to anyone within our lives.  A family member…a friend…a stranger…a foe…a husband…a wife.  I think you get the picture.  🙂  Nonetheless, in this day and age, we automatically seem to associate love with romance…desire…lust.  Love in the purest of forms, expressed by all of God’s Creations, is that between a parent and a child.  Where it demonstrates all of the characteristics to which I mentioned above. 

Though love is a more positive of an emotion…we as humans allow for vanity and pride to get in the way for love to be expressed to its ultimate form.  We are all guilty of this at some point within our lives.  So how do we get rid of such things, in order for love to florish as it should?  I’ve come to one answer, to which Jesus Christ expressed within the Gospels of the Holy Bible.  We were all created to be spiritual beings.  Because we have free will, we have the choice to choose whether to be shackled to this earth by evil and its way; or to let go of all that is tangible with our human selves, and choose to become the spiritual beings that God has created for us to be. Jesus not only preached this, but also through His Life and Death on the Cross demonstrated, that fear of earthly things will not get the best of Him, in fulfilling the Divine Purpose that God had given for Him to fulfill while living on this Earth.  He is led by a Being that is above and beyond the ways of this Earth; so we must choose to be the spiritual beings that we were meant to be.  To love without any boundaries.  This kind of love can not be denied even to the coldest of hearts.  Just look at how the love of a child or animal can heal so many adults, or even each other. 

I think that is what is so wonderful about Love from a Divine Source.  Once we have tasted an ounce of it; we can not help but to seek it more, and to demonstrate it within our own lives, with those around us.  It takes more than giving a cash donation; or donating clothes or toys.  It takes putting yourself into such acts.  For instance, striking a conversation; singing songs; maybe even just listening to a troubled soul and offering comfort.  The investment of Self.  If God gave us the ability to think and the free will to choose, what I don’t understand is why we keep choosing to not take the route of Love? 

Well, just some random thoughts that I wanted to put down.

Love Always,

Spiritual Poetry


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