A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

I Must Carry On



Though tired and weary;

Despite the day outside my window being dark and dreary…

God lightly nudges me with each day He gives me;

To show me what we were all,by Him, created to be.




Just when I cry out to Him within my prayers and seek;

His strength and Love come gently surrounds me so mild and meek.

They both energize me, where I soar so high;

That I cannot help by from happiness to smile and sigh.




I look in my world around me, and see where evil is romping;

Taking more and more people off of God’s Path, spitting and stomping.

My heart just cries endlessly, hurting with so much pain;

Seeing how everyone has so much disregard for one another, bringing God so much disdain.




I look…examining my own life;

Seeing how at times I have become jaded from all the strife.

I pray for God’s fogiveness to the point of sobbing tears;

To give me another chance, till He wipes them dry, and of all of them He clears.




God always nudges me to carry on;

Telling me why should I give up, if He Himself does not, until He determines the Earth’s Dawn.

Meditating on God’s Love for us all brings me down to my knees;

And through Jesus Christ’s Life, Death, and Resurrection, God reveals more and more for me to see…

How many times we did not hear God’s Pleas…

To just open our hearts and souls to Him;

In order to avoid evils intentions which are dark and dim.




I must carry on…that is all I know;

Continuing in God’s Love to grow.

To endure all my doubts, pains, and sorrow;

And to not of this world to trade and borrow.

God promises through His Son, an eternity for our lives;

So to be worthy of such great love is we should all strive.


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