A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Stranger Amidst The Darkness


Like a dream, I walked amongst darkness and clouds;

Squinting to see any source of light, listening closely for sounds.

Specks of lights would pierce the blackness here and there;

Never being enough to light my path, and leaving me in despair.

Providing only false hope and a world so bare.




Every so often someone else close and dear;

Will make their way through the darkness to me, after my cries they hear.

Giving seed of promise, which takes time to take root and grow;

Sometimes wishing that things of wisdom come quicker like a gift with a big bow.




Then every once in awhile, a stranger walks into my life;

During moments of great strife;

That cut through my heart like a knife.

They show me such powerful wisdom and hope;

Which is immediately life changing and broadening my life’s scope.




Though the darkness and clouds still surround me;

These strangers provide me with a torch so that I can see.

Allowing for me to become fearless and free.




Giving me courage to roam around;

And by boundaries not to be bound.

For it has been shown to me that boundaries are manmade;

Made for your mind to stop dreaming and to be put under a shade.




Those who dared to dream;

Broke through these barriers and pursued life with full stream.

Strangers walking into our lives through the midst;

Push us beyond these boundaries until we get the jist.

That we should not get swallowed up in the mist.


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