Inner Strength




In the depths of my soul;

At times feeling too weak to reach my goal.

I search and search for a strength source;

It is always replenished when I go to a Divine Force.




As a human being, we are tied down by the Earth and its way;

Free Will is what is responsible,at times, for us to stray away;

Once we give into our free will, our life begins to fade….

If we choose evil, in the wrong place, our souls will be laid.




Next time when you feel weak;

Or of Righteous Ways, you are afraid to speak;

Get on your knees…

And with wholehearted pleas…

Surrender all of your fears;

All of your tears…

To the Divine Force above…

Who will give you strength and love.

He will provide you, all that you ask;

For Him,its never a task.




Once you are granted with His Peace of Mind;

You will feel a Divine Strength, a strength of another kind.

Despite what is going on in the world around you;

Your problems and fears will seem so few.

This love will make you soar;

Once you’ve experienced it;

You will want more and more.




So next time you are feeling down troddened and beaten;

Ask God for that strength that you are needin’.

Your requests, with each time;

Will have tasks and mountains which will be harder to climb.




For the enemy hates it when we do not fall prey;

To the Earth and its way.

And not roaming around in his ways to play.

All those that felt the strength bestowed on them from Whom is up High…

You can not help but feel the beauty of His Strength and Love…and sigh…




You keep going back for more despite what you have put aside;

In order to feel the satisfaction of being completely filled, inside.

2 thoughts on “Inner Strength

    1. spiritualpoetry Post author

      Glad to be of assistance 🙂 The timing is not coincidence….but it’s God’s intervention.

      May we continue to seek God’s Love in all we do. 🙂


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