A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

“Love the Person;Not the Superstar”-SpiritualPoetry

Today I am featuring a guest blog entry.  It is that of a young man named Joshua.  He is a proven testimony as to how young people are opening their eyes to how the things of this world can be our own worst enemy, when it comes to compromising our own hearts and souls, that we have dedicated to God. 

While a lot of people seek fame and fortune in life; we fail to realize that God has given to us, FOR FREE, the most valuable thing we could ever own: OUR SOUL, to which He gave us responsibility to guard over.  Remember with the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus has set the Golden Rule of : “Do Unto Others, as You Would have Done Unto You.”  We must love all.  That is what Jesus states, God has called for all of us to do of each other, including our foes.  But we should not compromise ourselves,in the process of doing that.   Love the person, not the evil within that makes them violate God’s Laws.

In the world today,music & media has been a key tool used to decieve.  Please read on to the Guest Blog that I have featured here today.  And please do listen to the music by “Mouthpi3ce”.  The lyrics are eye opening!

God bless you both.  Keep testifying to God’s Truth; by way of Jesus Christ.



JOSHUA PRESENTS: “SPEAK MY MIND BLOG”    http://speakmymindblog.blogspot.com/


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