A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Tarnishing God’s Love



By redefining God's Love,we keep recrucifying Jesus.Even He,as the Son of God,never questioned the terms of God's Love.



I look out of my window in such wonderment and awe;

How God made everything so perfect, outside my window, without a flaw.

Then I stop to think,where did things go wrong….why in this world,is there so much pain?

There is hearts being broken everywhere…bloodshed for personal gain…

Of this world staining.



So many people in this world preach unity and love;

But love that is unconditional is what is commanded from Up Above….

Yet, some of these same people, love with earthly conditions….which puts restraints on God’s Love which is meant to be free;

Making the Love that is from a Divine Source,just as tarnished, as those who hate and are controlled by greed.




Love in the purest of forms is not blind, but UNCONDITIONAL…full of strength, not weak;

Because of the Truth that it is founded on…it does not require anything of the SELF…but constantly to heal of others who are meek.

It is contant, never having double meanings……

It gives freely to all….not doing any screenings.



Love today has come so far from what the Father of Creation,intended;

Instead of being without condition, it can be disposed,disguised, and even lended.

While God’s love is abundant and full of mercy from Up Above;

Who are we as His Creations to redefine what God,the Creator, has made in perfection and in Love…

We have become so arrogant as to know more than the Creator who can take us all down with one shove.



Yet God, continues to love us from Up Above, giving all of us the chance to see a portion of His Design;

For all of His Creations to live in harmony, and with His Greatness to align.

He has given us all till the last breath in our bodies on this earth;

To become born again in spirit and awakened in HIS LOVE,unconditionally to give birth…

We must stop redefining what God created in perfection…

Putting flaws into a flawless logic…which is spreading now like an infection.


How are we as the creations, to know more than the Creator…

We are the Made, not the Maker.


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