A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.





When you think of angels, what comes to mind?


Billowing, winged creatures that are strong, powerful and kind.


How many times in your life has someone within the darkness, walked in amongst the mist;


And showed you so much hope and love, dragging you out of the darkness, until you get the gist.




Think of another time of when a frown was make into a smile:


Where help and aid could not be seen with hundreds of miles…


Maybe it was a kind stranger who smiled at you from afar…


Or maybe a friend that offered you a ride in their car.




Could your angel be a child that sang you a song?


That made your heart to dance during a time that you could not be strong.


Did you ever hear the gentle words of a stranger, friend, or even a foe;


That brought you so much peace, ending all of your woes.




When all hope seems to be lost;


A mother, father, sister, or brother swoops in to help bring your spirits up, no matter the cost.


Even sweet dogs and cats that we take in as pets;


Can show us God’s Existence, with just one looking into their eye sockets.




Angels come in all different forms;


Unlike the earthly realm, God’s Servants never conforms.


 They speak not only with spoken words, but also within gentle stares…powerful actions;


Bringing joy and unity, eliminating all factions…


Providing Divine Protection from evil reactions.





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