A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Striving For Love’s Enlightenment


For love’s enlightenment we relentlessly seek;

Through the lush world’s forests consisting of oak, mahoghany, and teak.

In times of trials and tribulations we walk through low valleys and high hills;

There are times of when the light of day seem less than the night that stills.



We must remember such words as “I am not of this world and its ways”;

And even “With God by our side, whom or what shall we fear, let all come as it may.”



To be enlightened by LOVE, requires a Divine Source;

Where the etiquette or mannerisms of this world are not the driving force.

People that are seeking the same enlightenment, no matter the locations, find one another;

Like radar, they will find each other.

The “Mission of Love” is what binds them all;

They answer their call;

From up Above to unite all in harmony things great and small.



Once you are enlightened, like and eagle, you will soar;

Earthly parameters no longer apply, but those that are divine are your core.

Love’s enlightenment means that one has gotten a glimpse of heaven and its gates;

Where humility and meekness are the main traits.

With even the smallest acts done attracting admirers from everywhere;

Wondering what is it that makes one do the things they do, is their prime care.

Having the confidence within their enlightenment of love, these people dance and leap through life;

Despite the hardships or the strife.



At them are aimed insults and lies;

By those who do not understand, and from hurting them get a rise.



Striving for love’s enlightenment should be a goal;

So that our Earth will no longer take the toll…

Where all is equal, as it always is in God’s Eyes;

And truth will prevail, not the lies.


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