To The One Who Awakened Me…



Our days were once filled with sunny days playing outside;

And going to themes parks, going on ride after ride.

We would dance and sing;

Despite some of the clouds our life would bring…

But you were always the one that I wanted to protect and put under my wing.


For you were so innocent and small;

You will always be, despite age or from me being more tall.

Though I always thought that I was older and would be the one who was to teach;

It was when you were a kid, that you taught to me for God to reach…

You may not remember what it was that you did or said;

I will never forget, for that was the moment I realized my soul was truly dead…

And decided to awaken it instead.

We had a family friend who suffered from Cancer, who lost his war…



 On the day of his funeral, you refused to come out for at God you were being sore.

Finally when I got you to come out to ask, “What was wrong?”

With tears in your eyes, you sang your sad song…

“Why didn’t God answer my prayer to make him better?”

“For Him not to hear, did I do something wrong?”; in a voice as soft as a feather.



 Though I prayed that same prayer every night…

You see, you were the one who taught me to believe with all my might.

At that moment, that was when it came into Light…

That this little one, was no longer little, especially in God’s Eye;

And as the years went by;

It became more evident as I watched his life on the wall like a fly…

He has become a replica of our teacher at home;

Who continues to awaken me through his life, though far from our dome.

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