A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

“Father Forgive Them…”


Love which is unconditional is from a Divine Source;

Which requires strength that is above and beyond any earthly force.

Many believe it is the things of this world that we need to conquer and behold;

Over and over again, God has told….

That of this world we are not to be shackled and sold.



We must remember that no matter how many obstacles and adversities we face;

That we must adhere to God’s Authority in our lives, to finish this life’s race.

No matter how many times evil tries to lure us away towards sin and away from God’s Path;

We must run to God for repentence and strength….all suffering of this earth, is worth the math.

The things that will set us free from this Earth, is not being held back of our Divine Stature.

For Jesus taught us that the only way back to Our Creator is to defy all temptations that tries to soil our human nature.



 When someone wrongs us, we must bring to God, our pain;

So that we will not get jaded, and of it, our heart to stain.

We must be reminded of how much of our wrongs we want to be by God, forgiven;

So that we follow God’s Law of forgiving others,as much as we want to be in return….of that mentality we should be driven.



Even when Jesus Christ was hanging on the Cross, being ridiculed, tortured, and beaten;

He even pleaded with Our Father in Heaven, so that satan’s evil reign over this world could be finally defeated…

“Abba, forgive them…for they know not what they do…”

For He saw satan’s final plot to steer Him off of God’s Plan…this Jesus very much knew.

For human pain and suffering is what evil controls…making salvation harder to obtain;

We must honor God’s Promises..loving and forgiving without restrain…

Guarding the soul that Jesus died for, and God created…NONE entitled to satan’s evil to stain.



For Jesus uttering these words,

Cut through evil’s plans, in bringing souls into hell by the herds…

Jesus showed through God’s weapons bestowed upon Him, that he will not win;

And God still loves with endless mercy from up above, of His Kin.



That He has created us all, to come to His Kingdom, and obtain a Divine Stature;

By conquering evil and its manipulation of human nature.

For the love and forgiveness that He professes is to be felt, not only seen and heard;

So that we can sore high above all those shackled by satan and this earth…as high as birds.


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