A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.



Whenever I feel worried or sad;


I go into my sanctuary, on my mental pad.


That’s when I close my eyes and begin to pray, with my Rosary Beads, in hand;


With each bead and each word I pray, I feel the sadness melting away and making life grand.




By the time I finish…I feel so free;


Through God, all my fears were replaced with emotions of glee.


Because He has reassured me that “He knows what is best for me.”


We live each day, forgetting this important fact;


That God continuously watches over us with such deep love, despite how carelessly we act.





When things get hard or when things are peaceful in your life;


We must always depend on God to be either the Provider of Joy, or the Protector of Strife.


 He loves us so much, beyond what we could ever understand;


As humans, we have refused to surrender to God’s Will for us, we need to stop and take a stand.


We MUST surrender to Our Creator, for that is what Jesus’ Life taught us;


To believe in the “Unseen” is what is required of us to do without much of a fuss.




For there is no earthly measure that can fulfill the inner depths of one’s soul;


Because of Jesus, we can depend on God to give us complete peace, that is the goal.


All God wants is for us to love him, unceasingly, without end;


And to trust Him in guiding us through the life He created for us, without thoughts that pend.




Once we do that, we will experience “inner peace”, and endless joy;


Why believe in earthly pleasures that have limited sources…comfort in cars, clothes or even a toy.




Peace in only achieved by the “One”, up above;


Never by our flawed human nature alone, could we establish peace with unconditional love.


Inner peace can only come through complete trust;


We must continuously self refine ourselves, to make ourselves worthy to enter God’s Kingdom…a definite must.

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  1. Ash


    March 8, 2011 at 7:06 pm

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