A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Dreamer of God


I look all around me and watch in wonder;

All of that God has kissed on this Earth, creating each earthly thing without a blunder.

As I look up to the Sky;

And see all of the birds chirp and fly….

I can not help but to smile and cry.

For God has sung a song to my heart;



Of how He will never from me part.

He showers His Love on me everyday;

With all the animals I see oustide that play…

And the beautiful flowers on the earth’s ground lay….

Oh…and don’t forget the leaves on the trees’ branches, in the wind, that sway.



This song inspires me to dream…dream of all the love God has meant for all and for me;

I dream of one day everyone gathering in love;

With Jesus’ Life Example as inspiration, from our Father Up Above.

Dreams that bring everlasting peace…

Happiness that will never to exist, cease;



Consisting of love that is so fulfilling…

That will bring all restless souls, quiet…from evil distilling.

God sings to my heart with each moment of the day;

I wish I could forever in its sound lay…

For the peace that it brings to my soul and heart;

Like a child I dance and play about till I and the rhythm become one, and can not part.



God’s Song gives me dreams of a Paradise that can not be seen with the human eyes;

Devoid of all evil, and satan’s lies.

Dreaming of love that can only be seen by others who also dream….

Seeing all of the inspiration that God provides, all that on this earth which glistens and gleams.



God calls me “His Dreamer”, while He sings to my soul and heart;

From as a child, He sang and sang for me not of Him to part.

Dreams of helping all those that need healing;

To sustain and hold them, from all the good, evil is of them stealing….



Bringing life to a place that has lost its luster;

Spreading that love all over, and not only in a cluster.

Leaving God’s thumbprints of Love, forever changing a heart that we encounter;

God, places His Song in them, to take root…bloom and flower.



As a Dreamer of God, there is so much hope, peace, and love;

Those that are, inspired by His Song from up above.

My heart made whole, despite the pain that this world brings;

God’s Song becomes my lullabye, and protecting my heart and soul from all that of it stings.


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