A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.





In this day and age to maintain one’s integrity becomes almost like a tabu; 

Where the enemy and his ways is ousting all of God’s Ways out of this world like a coup. 

For we were created to live in a paradise and for all within it to love and guard; 

Not like the evil that has consumed this world and told us that it is okay to treat all with such disregard.



It is our duty to firmly stand; 

Up against the injustice that runs rampantly through out of the land. 

Things such as fear and greed; 

Were created by the enemy to prevent our faith driven thoughts to be freed. 

And only shows that we remain bound by the Earth, instead of God’s Creed.



 God consistently tries to show His Existence through the miracles He has performed through a chosen few; 

Casting out thoughts that are evil and old, and renewing God’s Ways, bringing thoughts that are new. 

Please forgive me Father, for allowing the enemy’s evil to seep into my mind; 

Which only hinders for Your Purpose of my life to be carried out, and to have a life of an ungodly kind.



 I have decided from this day forth to uphold what is all that is right and reject all that is wrong; 

No matter the earthly cost, for God’s sake I must remain strong. 

Through my life example and living according to His Ways; 

We will find ourselves at odds with this world but it pays; 

For paradise is through Jesus Christ and through God’s Ways…Salvation Stays.

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