A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Discern the Deception



DISCERN THE DECEPTION OF EVIL.  In the world today we see a lot of confusion and chaos.  Tools of darkness and evil.  We see people trying to grasp for a belief and truth; and the confusion that has been set in only makes for people to be more susceptible to satan’s deception.  God has revealed the a little bit of the Truth of His Love in all beliefs and religions.  You may ask then, why didn’t He just create one religion or belief to reveal to us His Truth.  Well, it’s because God created variety.  He understood that people will understand different points of view, or see things in different ways; never exactly in the same way.  So each religion is the way each group of people interpretted God’s Truth.  All have a flaw, because there is an element of imperfect human logic embedded in each religion’s translation of it.  However, God did call for ALL to love; and that requires understanding one another….and finding the puzzle pieces of HIS TRUTH OF LOVE in all schools of thought.  But it doesn’t mean to walk away from our primary school of thought. It just means that, instead of looking how different others are, look at how similar we all are.  Ultimately, all roads to God Love, were translated the same way of life, despite what religion one practiced.  From Gandhi, to Buddha, to Martin Luther King Jr., to Mother Teresa, or even Jesus Christ (just to name a few).  Jesus Christ, Himself, chose disciples of all different walks of life, from Doctors, to Fishermen, to Tax Collectors, to men and women….because He knew that one point of view will strike more to one person than another.  If you look at all those who decided to walk the Path to God, they gave up all that is valuable of this Earth; and travelled a path full of suffering (based on evil trying to throw them off the path)

DISCERN THE DECEPTION OF EVIL.  In the world today, we have many who profess love and unity.  But UNITY can only come through UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.  And such love can only come from God.  With such modern day examples of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr., they were strong in their own foundations of beliefs and faith; that they went out to explore others faiths.  In them: Mahatma Gandhi took Jesus Christ as His Own Life Role Model, though being a practicing Hindu.  And Martin Luther King Jr., took in addition to Jesus Christ, took Mahatma Gandhi, as his role model, though being a practicing Christian.  This is proof to me that God reveals His Truth of Unconditional Love, in all beliefs….and translated to them, the same way of life.  Ultimately in honor of a God that is above and beyond the ways of this world. 

DISCERN THE DECEPTION OF EVIL.  For in the world today, even our youngsters believe in Self Love.  What separates a Discipleship of Love and a Follower of Love, is to love even those who do not return the same love we give out.  Remember, Satan was once Lucifer, one of God’s Archangels.  He knows what God teaches and wants of us.  So he can quote scripture, and to the point of twisting it in the slightest of ways, that will be so subtle for those who do not have a strong foundation, to sin against the Father of Creation.  God never said He did not expect us to sin.  In fact since the time of creation, God has only seen, that with our Free Will, we have chosen more often than not, to choose a way that is other than His Own.  But what He also expects is for us to use this Free Will to repent and go back to seeking His Ways and His Path.  Out of all of God’s Creations, we were created with such care by God, that we are the only ones, of all His Creations that have violated His Laws.  How could this be?  Look at the animals, the trees, the flowers in the fields….all never question God’s Rules or even Existence.

DISCERN THE DECEPTION OF EVIL.  People who preach SELF LOVE, say to accept what is wrong within you…to not judge.  I agree with the, “not to judge” part.  But if God created for you to be in His Image, don’t you think He created greatness in you?  So, why accept the flaws within yourself?  Only evil will hold you back in such a way, to keep you away from God.  We may have flaws, but we should promise God, that we will try to fix them.  It is the INTENT on the PURITY of our intentions God looks at.  The intent, sets the path to God.

How does one DISCERN THE DECEPTION OF EVIL?  Follow a spiritual path to God.  God can only counter such evil.   In the end, all religions believe in a story of the END OF TIMES, and all believe in the same winner of that battle between good and evil.  In the world today, it is a FINE LINE in being able to tell the difference.  Which is why we need the aid of a Force that is beyond the ways of this world.  And God is just waiting to help you in that.


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