A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

How Evil has seeped into Pop Culture

I see the youth of our society being unknowingly affected by things that can be considered ungodly.   I’ve seen and heard children and even intelligent young adults think it is “COOL” to be a part of such things.  EVIL IS NOT COOL.  As Lucifer was the Master of Music, why couldn’t music be used to carry out the messages of evil, or at least messages that would be against God. In addition to Reblogging a Guest Blog. I am also enclosing a link from YouTube. (courtesy of BlackWorldOrderCom)

What hurts me most is that I was a fan of quite a few of these artists. Some surprised me, many who profess love and unity themselves. Is it worth listening to them at the price of my soul……No.

God loves me enough to forgive me each time I sin; to give me another day to live, with each day I wake up. He sacrificed His Son for the sake of trying to give me another Path, to Him, despite evil trying to make me so lost. God loves me enough to sacrifice His Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus died on the Cross,for me. Such sacrificial love, can not be forgotten in my heart….especially for the price of earthly fame and fortune. Not only did God do all this for me, but He did it for All of Mankind. Jesus died not only for me…but for all of Mankind.

Today I am featuring a guest blog entry.  It is that of a young man named Joshua.  He is a proven testimony as to how young people are opening their eyes to how the things of this world can be our own worst enemy, when it comes to compromising our own hearts and souls, that we have dedicated to God.  While a lot of people seek fame and fortune in life; we fail to realize that God has given to us, FOR FREE, the most valuable thing we could ever ow … Read More

via SpiritualPoetry’s Blog


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