A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

The Endless Road of Loneliness



I have traveled this lonely path for such a long time;

In my life, so many people come and go, for no reason of rhyme.

The life I see for my future is to love all those who come to me;

But yet no one there to love me back in the same manner, or to even understand my plea.




Every night, as I pray;

I think of all the pain, I felt of that day;

The pain of my father;

Pain of my mother;

That of my Little Brother…

Of those that are close and dear;

And even of whom I just met for the moment, whose story brought to my eye, a tear.

And after I finish my prayers for the night;

I lay in my bed wondering if anyone else prays for me, as I do of them, with all their might.




This road that I travel is windy and long;

Full of tumbleweed and silence that is so deafening and strong.

The silence has always been a bothersome force;

Hence I fill my silence with a song and writing, noise of an expressive source;

Daydreaming of far away lands…

With emotions that are strong with passion and gentle touches of a friend’s hands.

Dreams of never allowing anyone else to feel the very same depths of my pain;

Of no one understanding you…leaving loneliness so deep that it will of your heart, stain.




The lives of all those around you;

Will move on, bringing into their lives things that are new;

Often making me wonder, when am I for all that, due.

Walking on this path, all alone;

Constantly seeking if anyone will walk, willingly, into my zone.




God, I will endure anything You ask of me;

I will do it willingly and with shouts of glee.

It is heard for me to grasp why people do not see what I see;

As a result, very few travel the lonely path that can ultimately set you free.

I may never find the same love that I so freely give;

And am preparing myself to walking on this lonely path, as long as I live.




Maybe this is what is required of my life;

To have life experiences that cut my heart like a knife.

In order to love those with so much strife;

And for them to walk away when all is better in their life…

Leaving me so cold…

As if my love was sold…

I fall to my knees, tears endlessly falling to the ground;

Holding a hand bur for comfort and to understand…but none to be found.




On this endless road of loneliness, I form a river with my tears;

Constantly, despite my own, of others’ pain my heart follows and hears;

To them I solely tend;

Despite of my own heart’s need for itself to mend.


2 responses

  1. I can identify with this in that exactly moment of the departure, the separation… I think one of the most difficult task that we have in this live is to learn when to let go things and when to hold some others, is difficult to distinguish both. Sometimes I feel like being alone allowed me love with freedom, because I have the certainty that since someday people are going to leave I will love them as much as possible until I have them in my life. I like the feeling of seeing somebody that you have not seen in a while, the end of missing someone.

    April 9, 2011 at 4:57 pm

    • spiritualpoetry

      Thank you for coming by and reading. I can see what you were saying in your comment above.

      We must remember when it comes to love, we should not anticipate anything other than loving to the fullest potential, without condition. We should strive to hold onto to EVERYONE we encounter in this lifetime. But we must also keep in mind, that God has a purpose for all that come in our life path.

      When we trust in God, things, especially pertaining to love, will become more clear.

      Thank you…stop by again. Love always.

      April 9, 2011 at 6:04 pm

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